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Jungkook (requested)

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"[Y/N]!!Wake up!!We're going to play volleyball!!" Your band mate, Abby shouted as she started shaking your tent from outside. You jerked up as your eyes shot open. "God, Abby! Are you trying to give me a heart attack?!" You shouted back as you laid back down onto your makeshift pillow, which was actually a blanket which you've folded up. It wasn't the most comfortable thing, but it was better than nothing. "Hurry up!We're going to be starting soon and we need one more person!" You could hear Abby stomping her foot as she whined like a little girl. Well, she as the youngest member of the group, so you couldn't blame her for acting like a kid, she was only 16 after all. The CEO of Big hit had let all of you take a break from training and arranged a camping trip for you and your other two group members, along with the Bangtan boys. Trainee life was tough and you thought that you could spent this trip relaxing, but no, it was your first day here and bugs were everywhere,you didn't even get any sleep last night. You were just too busy itching all over from mosquito bites.

You dragged yourself up and got dressed. Today, you decided to go with your favorite tank top with the words " Love, Peace and Happiness." printed across the front in cursive rainbow-colored fonts, tucked into a pair of high-waisted shorts and along with a pair of flip-flops. You made your way out of the tent, as soon as you were out, a ball landed in your face. "Ouch!" You shouted as you covered your nose with your hands. "Are you okay?!" Jungkook asked as he placed a hand on your shoulder."Yah!Namjoon hyung! Watch where you're throwing the ball would you?!" He scolded, "Sorry about that," he said as he turned back and smiled at you. "Now, c'mon let's go! Our needs one more person!" he picked up the ball and grabbed you by the hand,dragging you along as he ran towards the volley post."[Y/N]'s on our team!" he announced as he passed the ball back to Namjoon.

All of you were split into two groups of five each. You, Jungkook, Jimin, Taehyung and your other team member, were in one team and Namjoon, Yoongi, Hoseok , Abby and Jin in the other. Throughout the game, you couldn't help but notice Jungkook taking a quick glance at you every once in a while, which was honestly making you feel a little nervous. He was also taking really good care or you. Asking you if you wanted some water or something to eat, or asking you if you're okay when the other members accidentally hit you with the ball.

After half an hour of lots of laughs and running around trying to hit the ball, which made your hands hurt a lot,you decided to take a short break. You sat on a large rock by the beach trying to catch your breath. All that running around trying to catch the ball was so tiring. You wondered how the boys were still so energetic.Well, they are boys after all. You soaked your legs in the ocean, slowly swinging your legs back and forth, creating little ripples in the water. "Hey," jungkook said as he took a sit next to you. "Tired already? I thought you had more stamina than that, considering you're a dancer and all. Well,guess I was wrong." He teased as he shrugged, a small smile touched the corners of his mouth. You let out a small laugh as you playfully punched him in the shoulder. "Oww!" He shouted as he brought his other hand to his shoulder. "Yah!Stop exaggerating it! I didn't even hit you that hard!" You rolled your eyes at him and folded your arms, not because you were angry, but because it was freezing! Plus, you were wearing a tank top and shorts!

As if he read your mind, Jungkook pulled out a small blanket from his back pocket and draped it around your shoulders. Making your heart beat even faster, as if it wasn't beating fast enough. "Just admit it [Y/N], you like him!" You hear Abby saying that in your head. From the moment you met Jungkook, Abby has been teasing you about him non-stop and it's getting to the point where it's annoying. But...What if you really did? You pushed that thought away,even if you liked him, the both of you will never be together. You know, you guys were just too busy, you have training and he's debuting soon and what makes you think he'll like you back-"What are you daydreaming about?" Jungkook asked, interrupting your chain of thoughts. "Oh...Nothing."You replied as you pulled the blanket to cover your legs as well. "Are you not gonna share the blanket?" Jungkook said motioned to the blanket,"You're not the only one whose cold you know." "Oh! Here." You were about to take off the blanket when he stopped you "I was just kidding. You know [Y/N]. I've actually been wanting to tell you this ever since I met you." He paused. 'What is it?" "Well...I-" "Jungkook ah! We're going to the convinece store, you wanna come?!" Jin shouted. "Sure!Give me a minute!" He answered as he rubbed his hands together as he leaned towards you."I like you. Bye." He whispered into your ear as he ran off to join the boys.You looked over your shoulder as he ran, "What?! Hey! Come back!" He glanced back at you and laughed as he continued running. You couldn't help but smile to yourself,as you whispered to yourself,"I like you too, Jungkook."

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