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You arrived to your boyfriend's studio, where he sat near the computer and waited for you. You see him starring at the door from the mirror then smile as soon as he sees you walk in.

"Hi babe!" You call him cheerfully.

"Hey!!" He answers happily as he walks to you and hugs you.

A while after you greet each other with a hug, the door that you entered opened itself, a young man that you didn't know came in. He seemed traumatized from the little scene, meaning you two hugging.

"_______, this is X-Ray( lets just say thats his stage name lol), a rapper that I will be working with. His real name is Namyeon. Namyeon, this is my girlfriend ________. Her real name is, well, ________."

"She doesn't have a nickname or anything?" He analyzes you.

"No, her name is already cute, she doesn't need one." Your boyfriend compliments you, making you blush.

"Yeah, that's great, so are we going to work or nah? I have other businesses to get to after this."

"Sure, ________ can stay, right?"

"Yeah, as long as she doesn't bother."

You sat on a mattress while you looked at them working and asking you for opinions. You were happy to give your ideas, you never really got a chance to do that when you were at school, you were too shy. A while after X-Ray left, you spent the rest of the evening in the studio with your boyfriend, helping him choose his lyrics and the beat.

You came a few times to visit, it made Suga really happy, compared to X-Ray that wasn't that glad to see you. You didn't know if you were a nuisance to him, maybe you were, but if you were he should have said so.

A couple of weeks or months later, they started filming for the music video, which you were invited to play in. It was pretty fun hanging out with the dancers, the shooting was great, as soon as everything was done, you waited patiently for the song to come out.

It did. You ran directly to the store and found a few albums left. There wasn't much, but enough for you to buy one. You came back home happily, then you heard your boyfriend come in.

"Sweetie, do you want to attend our celebration party at Big Hit?" He asks.

"Of course, when is it? Is there something I have to wear?"

He told you pretty much everything you needed to know. The party was probably going to be next week, so you didn't rush things. The next week, near 7 o' clock, you regretted not buying any dresses to wear. You were pretty sure your dresses from last year and a few months ago would fit. They were probably a bit too shorter than last time.

"_______, are you done? I-" Yoongi says as he enters the bedroom, seeing you in one of your short dresses.

"I don't have anything to wear!" You panic, shuffling through your dresses and skirts. "My shirts are in the pile of dirty laundry and I can't wear these T-Shirt because of the little drawings on it, what do I do?"

"I can let you borrow of one my shirts."

"But they're too big, I can't wear your sweaters to the party! Uh, what do I do, what do I do?"

He laughs and walks to your wardrobe, looking through your clothes. He finds the longest dress in there, probably fifteen centimeters above your knees. You got ready to leave to the party, even if you two were a bit late than expected.

"Suga! There you are! Congrats on the sells, the song was good." A few more compliments came by.

A while after, you hear the microphone take attention in the room, you all turn to the stage, looking at X-Ray that was holding the mic. He smiles at the audience.

"Good evening everyone, thank you for coming to Suga and I's party for our first mini album together." He says, then stops, letting the clapping go on until he continues his speech. "It was great working with him, Yoongi is a creative, open minded young man, which is good for a person of his age. Sadly, it's not the same thing for girlfriend. Not to mention that she's clearly only dating him for his soon and actually already rising fame."

A bunch of whispers and 'ooo's came in, eyes looking at the back, where you were sitting with your boyfriend. You were confused, you felt like crying, you were insulted in front of your boyfriend's colleagues for no reason.

"You guys can already see it, her clothes are rather really short, she's probably here for the men over there, I hope she already knows that G-Dragon has a girlfriend that is way better than her. Also, little reminder that Jungkook over there is too young for you. It would be nice if you stepped out of here since this party is for Big hit staff, guests and me, not your disgusting presence." He says in the most annoying and snobbish voice.

Your jaw dropped, you were surprised and hurt from what he said. Did he seriously mean it? Is he even serious? You held yourself from screaming at him for your sake and Yoongi.

"Hey! What the heck are you saying? We're here to talk about our album, not my girlfriend! Leave her out of this!" Yoongi shouts.

"Yoongi, it's alright, don't get angry, I'm okay..."

"You're not okay, I know you're not! Even if you weren't going to tell me if you're alright or not, I'm not okay with this! Who does he thinks he is to take you down? You're not even known, Namyeon! My girlfriend doesn't even work as an idol and she's known! Yes, it's probably because of me but at least she doesn't insult anyone and humiliate them publicly! Keep your hideous attitude to yourself, no one likes it!" He complains in front of everyone, making the rapper on stage angry.

You felt shy and embarrassed. You were happy your boyfriend was protecting you, but shy and embarrassed because everyone kept looking at what you were wearing to know if you were actually here to impress others.

"Don't get so angry... It's alright." You whisper to him.

"Did you even look at her? Did you even watch the music video? She was giving flirty smiles to the male dancers! Look, she's even looking at Jin!" X-Ray defends himself.

"That's because they're talking right now! I don't even care if she talks to my friends! How do you even know she's sending 'flirty smiles' to the male dancers? She's just smiling as she usually does! You probably think it's a 'flirty smile' because you do it all the time, so desperate to get a girlfriend." Your angry boyfriend mocks.

Everyone stared at the argument that was heating up, until someone played their song, which kind of calmed the atmosphere. You felt guilty, you kept looking at your boyfriend, even if he was angry, he managed to calm down and talk to the people around him nicely. Angry Yoongi was such a cute Yoongi, especially when he tried to defend someone he loves.

As soon as you got back home, you enter the living room and turn to your roommate.

"I'm sorry you two had an argument, it was supposed to be your celebration for your album and I ruined it." You apologies.

"You don't need to apologies, it's clearly his fault for saying random crap." He sighs, hugging you quietly.

"I'm still sorry..."

"Shh, I said it's okay. We should spend sometime together to go buy you some clothes. And we should probably wash the laundry." He laughs, getting his boots off.

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