SNS ➵ jungkook au by reganriley
SNS ➵ jungkook auby regan
it's as though she had no idea who she was texting. [mature content and themes] ______________________________ Jae is a twenty-one year old Korean-American university st...
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Just a slave  《BTS SMUT 18+》 by RealAnimefuko
Just a slave 《BTS SMUT 18+》by Nicole Wood
*no offence to BTS , they not like this at all!* *MATURE THEMES AHEAD AND SENSITIVE THEMES AHEAD* What happened if BTS took you in, as you were homeless and slowly bega...
  • taehyung
  • jimin
  • sugasmut
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My Unloving Husband √ by hoeforjeon
My Unloving Husband √by smol one ™
How would you feel if your husband doesn't reciprocate your feelings ? • • • He kept glaring at me with his cold piercing eyes and I couldn't do anything but to stare a...
  • jeon
  • jungkook
  • husband
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wrong number 》jjk by k16b13
wrong number 》jjkby k16b13
the text messages between a girl who doesn't care for labels and a boy who is labeled worldwide as one the hottest male alive and it all started from a simple wrong numb...
  • bangtan
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My Cruel Husband 2 || Jeon Jungkook by justjeon
My Cruel Husband 2 || Jeon Jungkookby zie in university
In which Jeon Jungkook returns to his old self which is... neglecting you. ======================================= SEQUEL to My Cruel Husband ===========================...
  • jungkookxreader
  • arrangedmarriage
  • taehyung
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Secret Admirer [min yg] by daralolli
Secret Admirer [min yg]by jhopesgirl
In which a girl has a big crush on the basketball player, min yoongi but she has a secret admirer who has been giving bottle of milks with sticky notes every day to her...
  • jimin
  • yoongi
  • hoseok
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FATE // VMINKOOK by defective-
Taehyung gets abused. Jungkook is poor. Jimin is rich. Fate brings them together, and they seem to find comfort in each other.
  • vminkook
  • vmin
  • poor
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FALLING FOR THE BOSS // JJK ✅ by bangtan_books
FALLING FOR THE BOSS // JJK ✅by bangtan_books
You're an ambitious teen fresh out of college, and you've just landed your dream job in the city of Seoul. Your first day is going all too smoothly, and you've quickly f...
  • jeonjungkook
  • jjk
  • jungkook
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Noona || J.JK by sunnytaechuu
Noona || J.JKby J A S M I N E
•••••••••"Teach me, noona."•••••••••• •••••••••"Jungkook, I can't teach you that!"•••••• [smut warning]
  • 전정국
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  • seokjin
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My Stepbrother// Jeon Jungkook x Reader [COMPLETED] by fluffyjeons
My Stepbrother// Jeon Jungkook x R...by 🍯𝒟𝒶𝒾 🍯
"Bitch!!" "Call me bitch again I dare you." "Bitch." "That's right, bitches do as what they're told." 12/28/17 - 8/20/18 ____ Pic...
  • suga
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Wrong number my dude [Vkook Txting ff] by drinktaewithkookies
Wrong number my dude [Vkook Txting...by drinktaewithkookies
J:.... i think i just came T: tf....
  • jungkook
  • texting
  • btsfanfic
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daegu boy.  |  min yoongi √ by jiminfication
daegu boy. | min yoongi √by nugget ninja
"If I can use my tears to make you smile....then it's more than worthwhile." ••• what happens when a musically talented boy from daegu occupies the empty home...
  • kpopff
  • jimin
  • suga
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Secretly Married | JJK ✓ by graceplanet
Secretly Married | JJK ✓by grace
❝Don't touch me, don't look at me, don't come near me, understood?❞ - Being secretly married to someone is hard. But being secretly married to a worldwide famous idol is...
  • secret
  • jeongguk
  • jungkookff
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Married To Mr. Arrogant ; j.jk [EDITING] by YoursTruly-Yoongi
Married To Mr. Arrogant ; j.jk [ED...by zia
arranged with a playboy. ※grammatical errors and cringey-af scenarios XD just read my other books. i was immature when i wrote this lololol ☆Started: May 1, 2017 ★Ended...
  • jeon
  • sonyeondan
  • jungkook
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Killer In The Crowd [Min Yoongi X Reader] by BringmetheHorizonfan
Killer In The Crowd [Min Yoongi X...by BringmetheHorizonfan
An unknown killer suddenly appeares one day in your small and peaceful town and is going around killing people on a spree. What if one day he sets his sights on you and...
  • jimin
  • bighit
  • yandere
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A Runaway Prince//Jungkook FF[COMPLETED] by xxxCrossHeartxxx
A Runaway Prince//Jungkook FF[COMP...by xxxCrossHeartxxx
Cover made by@ToxicKookies A prince was missing for two months already, the royal guards are on the search for him. You are a normal girl, going to a normal school, un...
  • romancefanfiction
  • bts
  • jungkook
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✖ لَـستُ مَسْـخَاً ✖ " لا يُمـكِنُنـِي العَيـّشُ و هـَذا الشـئ بـِداخِـلي " " لا تُسَـمِّيه شَيئـاً تـاي ، إنه طِفلُـك ، طِفلُنـا " #5 Fanfiction...
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Bad Boy In Luv || Completed by Suga_Kim
Bad Boy In Luv || Completedby Kim 🐢
In which a girl hides a big secret behind those nerd glasses. Credits for the cover goes to @Jiminfication :D Highest rank: #2 in fanfiction (10/30/17) Start: 08/??/15 E...
  • jungkook
  • bangtan
  • jhope
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𝙛𝙡𝙞𝙧𝙩 by YUKHTAE
𝙛𝙡𝙞𝙧𝙩by 𝒕𝒂𝒏𝒚𝒂.
❝ denim's not really my thing but that's only because you are ;) ❞ kooktae, an instagram au. © 2018 YUKHTAE ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* [ highest ranking(s): #1 in namjin...
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Noona | Jeon Jungkook 18+ by sugaschains
Noona | Jeon Jungkook 18+by Lu
Where a Noona asks Jungkook to read smut with her for a YouTube video.
  • taehyung
  • jimin
  • smuttyfanfic
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