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optional bias

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you were in the house and you just finish cleaning and you went out to watch the tv in the living room while waiting for him.... after a few minutes you were kinda tired and has nothing to watch in the tv so you get your laptop and brought it in the living room and surf the net...... while you're surfing you saw some news at one of the kpop site ... " __________(your male idol boyfriend) and ___________(girl idol) will be having a love interest in this upcoming tv sereis " .. you thought ~~ *i am a fan of ______(the girl) but she is very pretty and sexy.... what if he will like her...what about me... omo ..this can't be.....* you didn't notice you are murmuring the words you thought....

" HEY!! jagiyah" he said...." YAH!! you scared me..." you said as you sit from your flat stomach lying position in the couch......he pecked you in the cheeks..." what are you murmuring there?? huh??" he asked...." nothing.." you frowned...." he got you to stand up and he wrapped his arms around your waist and gives you kisses......" why are you frowning ??" he asked..." nothing " you pulled unto him and proceed to the kitchen...." are you hungry ..?? i'll just make you some food." you asked..." i'm fine ...we had a meeting for our upcoming tv series.. the one you have been looking on the net a while ago" he said..." oh... okay... :("

you proceed to the bedroom because you thinking of to many things about his new tv series and also his first with the love interest with your female idol..... you are crying inside because of self-consciousness ..... then you lay in the bed .... you didn't noticed he followed you around and he ended up sitting in the corners of the bed....." yah~~ do you have any problems in my new tv series?? aren't you happy that i got a new project.....??" he asked while he lands his arms above your hand and another hand in your face... caressing it.....

" it's not that ..but..*sighs* she is a very gorgeous girl.... i will not think twice if you would break up with me because of her.... but i don't want that to happen even if a small part of kissing scene i don't want you to do it..."

he kissed you so softly.... then you pulled out..." yah~~ why are you thinking of those things..... pabo! i will not leave you for her ..of course not.....hmm?" " but it's not impossible for you to like her... and it's a series .... *sighs* " you complained

" shhhtt... aren't you trusting me huh??" he said... as he kissed your jawline and neck while you are answering...." i do trust you but it is really making me conscious knowing that you will have a love interest ... with her....." " then what do you want me to do....??" he asked" as much as possible ...never kiss her as possible as you can?? " " mmm.." he nodded then he kissed you and you smiled... :")

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