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Just when Suga's particular part came on you were ready to scream but upon hearing how loud the fans screamed for him made you laugh.

You smiled proudly to yourself until something about his expression caught you by surprise, "wait..." You told yourself stupidly as your stared at the TV confusedly. And then your heart broke seeing him in so much pain, now you realized why Suga didn't want you to be there to see them live. He was hurt and you weren't sure for how long, but you weren't mad either. You were just worried sick as you continued to watch him. A frown found its way to your face and you wanted to cry. You let out a troubled sigh as they finished their performance and you immediately picked up your phone to call him.

"Hello ?" A deep cheery voice came through the phone.

"Oh, Taehyung-oppa, where's Yoongi?" You asked hesitantly.

Taehyung sighed, "just hold up a bit, he's getting escorted up the stairs."

You sighed, "oppa, can you be an angel and tell me something honestly ?"

He laughed sweetly, "anything."

"How long has Yoongi been like this ?" You asked hoping that it wasn't too long ago.

"Ah, mianhae, I can't tell you that though, Yoongi hyung will kill me." Taehyung replied.

That cute comment made you laugh a little, "I won't let him. I promise I'll protect you." You swore.

He chuckled hesitantly, "you know how much I love you dongsaeng-ah, but this is something I promised to keep for him."

You took a deep breath and nodded as if he were in front of you, "arasso, I understand." You confessed. "But... museowo (I'm scared)."

Taehyung groaned, "aish (!) since our Showcase." He gave in defeated from your cuteness.

"YAH !" You heard Yoongi's voice erupt from over the line before the line went dead.

Your eyes widened when Taehyung-oppa answered you, "the Showcase ? I was there,how could I have not known ?" You asked dumbly and immediately felt guilty for not noticing. You grabbed your keys from off the table and ran out the door heading straight for Bts dorm. Upon arriving there the members all sent you and worried look as they greeted you. You gave them all small smiles and went straight to the living room where Namjoon said you would find Yoongi. Just as the leader had say you walked in and met an innocent smiling suga, who sat on the couch with his feet rested on the table in front of him. You stood there and blinked at him.

His smiled disappeared seeing your reaction, "are you mad at me ?" But your only reply was silence and continued eyeing him. He frowned, "I didn't want you to worry." He admitted as he patted the seat next to him. You bit your lip and shook your head. His brows creased and he sent you a confused expression before he realized why you wouldn't come near him and he smiled softly scooting over, "baby, come here. You won't hurt him." He assured as you hesitantly approached him.

"Why didn't you tell me ?" You asked barely touching him.

He chuckled and hugged you closer but you stopped him, "Yoongi," you said waiting for an answer and he knew he was in trouble until he answered you. You only used his real name when you were serious.

He took a deep breath and found the table in front of him avoiding your eyes, "I told you, I didn't want you to worry."

Instead of getting mad and throwing a fit you frowned, "but I am..." You replied.

He pouted, "I know, you weren't supposed to find out." He accidently blurted as you sent him a death glare and he sheepishly smiled at you, "I mean... I didn't want you to find out."

Your gaze softened, "and did you think about what you would do if I did ?" You asked as he shook his head in response pouting his lips cutely. You sighed, as much as you didn't want to do this, it was his punishment. You leaned in and pecked his lips, "that's your last kiss until I forgive you."

At first his eyes lit up from the unexpected gesture but then he frowned after hearing your statement, "but- you can't do that." He whined.

You eyed him, "says who ?"

His expressionless face prevailed as he blinked at your playful eyes, before he quickly glanced at your lips. He sent himself a swift smile/smirk that you happened to miss before he leaned in and kissed your lips, "second last." He corrected your statement earlier with a shy boy smile as you blinked at him in shock. "Oh ?" His shocked expression came, "want another one ?" He asked playfully as he leaned in again but you quickly turned your head avoiding his lips.

"Nappeun salam (bad boy)," you mumbled while pouting to yourself and he giggled.

"But you like bad boys," he whispered into your ear sending a shiver down your spine.

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