Jungkook (Request)

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You ring again on the doorbell and wait for the 6th time for the door to open. Finally, the door opens by RapMon, in other words, Namjoon.

"Oh, ______! Come in! Kookie is still showering."

You thank him and enter their dorm, looking around and bowing at every member you saw. You sat on the couch and waited for your boyfriend to come out. A few minutes passed by and he finally came out. As soon as he saw you, he directly ran to you and hugged you.

"We saw each other yesterday! Calm down, sweetie!" You giggled at his kisses.

"Did they tell you anything stupid? What did they tell you?" He suspected his hyungs.

"They didn't tell me anything." You laughed.

They all smiled at you two then joined you near the couch. You made yourself comfortable with your boyfriend and wrapped yourself in his arms.

"What are we watching?" You asked.

"One of the movies Taehyung chose."

You tilt your head, make a sign that you didn't know which movies he chose. Jimin pressed play on the DVD player, the screen showed you a horrifying face and the menu next to it. You let out a little high pitch scream and turn your face to your boyfriend.

"What? What's wrong?" He laughed at you.

"Why? You can't watch this?" Yoongi said.

"N-no, I can watch this! As long as my boyfriend is with me, of course..."

You press your head against your boyfriend's chest and look at the screen. The movie started with a peaceful scene, a picture of a family that had a mother, father, an older son, a grandma and a daughter. You thought it was alright for a beginning, but as soon as the movie continue playing, you knew everything was wrong.

You kept looking left and right, scared to get killed by whoever wasn't suppose to be in the dorm right now.

"Honey, calm down!" You boyfriend said, hugging you gently.

You knew you wouldn't survive, watching all the blood and hearing the screams from the TV. You spent most of the time sinking your face into your boyfriend's neck and letting out little screams, which made the members laugh.

"You don't seem to be enjoying this..." Jungkook whispered in your ear.

"I... I'm alright..." You lied.

"Do you want to go to my room and sleep? I'm a bit tired."

You nod and slowly get up from the couch with your boyfriend. He grabs your hand and pulls you to the door that led you to his room.

"Don't forget to use protection, kids!" The leader of the group said.

You blush and giggle, then enter the bedroom with your boyfriend. It wasn't the cleanest room you have seen in your life, but it was at least far away from the screams you two could hear if you were still in the living room.

You walked to the bed and looked around, making sure no one else was there. He walks to you and sits on the bed with you, his arms around you. He kisses you softly on the lips.

"Want to sleep yet or just stay up and cuddle until we're tired?"

"I'm already tired." You sighed, laying down.

"Really? I wanted to have a cuddle session with you." He said with a pout.

You giggle and kiss him, putting your arms around his body.

"Fine, let's cuddle."

sorry that it's so short honestly i'm kind of late on the requests right now because mid terms ; A ; but as soon as they're over i'll try to catch up on them

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