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Tears stream down your face, you couldn't believe what you saw a few weeks ago. He told you that he loved you, that you were the only one for him. Well you guess, that's not true anymore since he had found time to fuck other girls especially your best friend.


Walking into the apartment you shared with your boyfriend Jungkook, you were surprised to see an extra pair of shoes sitting in the show rack. Deciding not to make anything of it, you go in search for your boyfriend and the mysterious guest. Careful not to make a peep, you stop in the hallway, when you hear the noise of what sounds like moaning coming from the bedroom.

Shaking off the bad thoughts, you walk slowly towards the door fully trusting Jungkook not to hurt. Standing in front of the door, you take a deep breath, the moaning getting louder fills your head but you ignore it, knowing that Jungkook would never hurt you.

Pushing the door open, your eyes immediately widen with shock. On the bed completely naked were your boyfriend and best friend going at it like bunny rabbits. Noticing you the two stop. Bringing a hand over your mouth, you watch as Jungkook comes to you, "Babe it's not what it looks like."

"What the hell? It's not what it looks like? It looks pretty clear to me? You were just fucking my best friend."

"I'm sorry. I know that isn't enough but I want you to know that"

Stepping closer to Jungkook, you raise your hand and he flinches expecting you to hit him. You sigh lowering your hand, "I have nothing to say to either of you. Leave me alone for a few weeks. I don't know if I want to have any relation with you"

Turning you calmly walk out of the bedroom and the apartment. You decide to head to your parents house. So you begin the walk with tears streaming down your face in rivers.

End Flashback

It's been two weeks since you saw Jungkook or your best friend. They had both left you countless messages and gifts but so far you didn't think you would be able to forgive either of them.

Waking up in the morning, you stare at the empty space next to you that was usually filled by Jungkook. Sighing you step out of the bed, heading to the bathroom, to once again start the routine that you had gotten into after you left Jungkook. Heading downstairs, you kiss both your parents good morning, you grab a banana as breakfast before going to work.

Walking outside though you stop in your tracks not believing what you saw. Standing in front of you was Jungkook surrounded by the rest of bts while each member was holding a different color rose.

"Y/N-ah, I know what I did was unforgivable and I've been told many times that I messed up something good. Something that would have been wonderful if I hadn't fucked up big time. I don't have legitimate reason and neither does Sun Mi but we both regret ever doing it. Please I want you to be my lover, best friend, wife and the mother of our future children. I want you to be the one I cry over when you walk down the aisle at our wedding. So please Y/N- ah, don't leave me."

By the end of Jungkook's speech you both have tears streaking down your face. Biting your lip you look at all the members and they nod encouragingly. Looking behind you see your parents standing in the doorway, smiling and telling you that it was ok.

Taking a deep breath and looking into Jungkook hopeful face you immediately know your answer. Rushing down the steps you launch yourself at Jungkook, kissing him deeply, you pull back "Yes I want you back. These past weeks I realized that I need you, that you are the man I was suppose to be with the rest of my life but now they're going to be some rules. You have to call me every hour telling me where you at and provide evidence. Second I don't want to move back in immediately, after a few weeks I might consider it but not right away. Third I want you to kiss me again."

Grinning Jungkook says, "I especially love number three." before he bends down slightly giving you such a passionate kiss that your knees turn to jello. Clutching to Jungkook you vaguely hear the cheering from the boys, Jungkook pulls back, "I love you forever and always."

"Me too" you say before pulling him in for another kiss.

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