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You're in the kitchen cooking dinner, and he walks up behind you and hugs you from behind, and touches you stomach.

"I want a baby."


"I want a baby."

"I don't think we're ready..."

"I think we are. Come on, Let's go make one right now."

He starts pulling on your arm, forcing you to go up in the bedroom.

"Stop! The food is gonna burn, and I said we're not ready for a baby."

"Why not?!"

"We can barely take care of ourselves."

"So? The baby will change us, we'll become more responsible."

He starts nibbling on your ear, and he keeps touching your stomach.

"Please? We'd be great parents, I promise."

"I don't know..."

He starts tickling your stomach, which felt great.

"Ugh, You win. Let's go make this baby."


He picks you up and gives you a kiss.

"You won't regret this, I promise."

You smile at him and give him another kiss, and you couldn't stop kissing him.

Since he couldn't wait, You guys actually started making the baby on the kitchen counter.

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