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"Ow." You pouted as you sat in the taxi, driving home from the dentist.

"Tough day, huh?" The driver turned around and gestured to the thick bandage that was wrapped around your chin.

"Yeah, I got four wisdom teeth out." You muttered, sinking down in your seat. Your voice was muffled and you were worried that the driver wouldn't understand what you had just said. Luckily, he seemed to.

"Four? Wow, that must've hurt. I'll get you home fast so you can relax." The driver smiled.

"Thanks." You said, and the two of you were quiet for the rest of the ride.

Arriving at your house, you paid the driver and unlocked the front door. Stepping in, you took off your coat and glanced in the mirror, cringing at your face that was distorted by the bandage and the cotton balls in your cheeks.

"How was it?" You jumped at the sudden noise, and you saw your boyfriend sitting on the couch of your living room. You put a hand on your chest to symbolize shock, and he came up and hugged you.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you! I thought I should just help though, because I've heard that getting your teeth removed is really painful."

You smiled at Jungkook words and pulled him over to the couch. You were exhausted and all you wanted to do was sit down; luckily, Jungkook was there to cuddle you in his arms and stroke your hair.

He had come prepared, with three movies and lots of fun games that the two of you enjoyed playing together. You and Jungkook spent the rest of the day laughing over comedies, competing against each other in charades, and lazying around with each other.

Eventually, the night fell and Jungkook had to leave. As soon as he left, a searing pain shot through your jaw, and your hand flew up, only to realize that your bandage was on your chin. Because of the fun day you had with Jungkook, you had completely forgotten about your wisdom teeth being removed.

Jungkook had taken away your pain, like always.

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