Taehyung (Requested)

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You follow your little 4 year old boy that was running from store to store in the mall. Your husband would just look at you two and smile at his wife that was trying to run in heels.

"Hey, Taehyung!! Help me get him!"

"Oh, come on, he's still young. Let him run around until he hits his teen years and stays at home doing nothing and just stay on the computer."

You sigh and follow your child, excusing and pushing the people in front of you. Until you completely lost him. You look around and try to find a little black haired boy with a red shirt and blue pants that wears 'awesome Transformer shoes' according to himself.


"What is it? Did we..."

He guessed it right. You both travel through the shops and look around. You asked the receptionist, the security guards, everyone. You were scared and worried. What would happen if someone kidnapped him? Sold him? Threw him in the ocean? You kept walking and kept thinking about awful things that could happen to your first child. You could feel a hand slowly grab yours and squeeze it lightly.

"We'll find him. I'm sure about it." Your husband says, in a soft voice.

You felt hopeless while he was the complete opposite. He was confident about finding your son again. You would keep shaking and look at each corner. Where could he have possibly gone? Maybe he went up the escalator or down, you never know. What if he went to the parking lot? What if he got hit by a car?

"Hey, hey, stop thinking about all those awful things. Walk a bit faster and your eyes focused on reality. He's not dead or taken away."

You do as your husband says and make your way through the people. His hand was squeezing yours, you could feel your heartbeat faster as you walk faster than you normally do. He suddenly stops walking.

"What are you doing?" You asked, looking at him.

"Ice cream, I want ice cream." He says, shoving his hand in to his pocket.

"We lost our child and you're looking for ice cream?! Are you serious?"

You were pissed at him and frustrated for not finding your child. You feel cold lips touch yours and look at him.

"It's sweet, right? Want some?" He suggests with a smile.

You share the ice cream and continue looking for your kid that was no where in the first floor. Well, maybe somewhere, he probably continued walking to somewhere else and is this in the first floor. You looked at the hall where there were clothes. By surprise, you find the 4 year old boy walking in a lingerie store.

"W-what the heck..." You whispered, running in to the store.

You pick him and start to nag and tell him lots of things. You excuse the workers and walk out of there.

"Why were you in there?! None of us ever went in there!" You said, shocked about your son's new discovery.

"But dad goes there." He says, eating the ice cream his father was feeding him with.

You turn to your husband that looked away as soon as you lay your eyes on him. You give him a light kick and ask him.

"Why do you go in there?! What's wrong with you?!" You said, looking at him like he was a perverted old man.

"M-me? Haha, I... I never went in there! I don't even know what kind of thing this is."

You point at the half naked plastic models and glare at him.

"T-that is because..."

"You're such a pervert, Taehyung! I would prefer if our son would be a teen that was stuck to his computer more than a teen that would go around girls that wear these kind of things under their clothes!" You said in a high tone with a upset expression.

You look at him that was looking at his shoes and glancing at you and the models. You start to turn red and kept your eyes fixed on him.

"Don't tell me..."

"I bought some for you!" He said.

"How can you do that?! I can buy my clothes on my own!" You whined.

"Yeah but the ones you wear aren't lacy anymore and all and sometimes I want to have some sexy time with you so I bought some..." He mumbles loudly enough for you to hear.

You tried to not laugh at how disgusting he was. He ends up taking you by the waist and walk to the parking lot together.

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