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It has been three months that Jimin was your boyfriend. In this Wednesday of November, you and Jimin planed to meet in his house and to do a real feast. But these times, you brought bad marks at home and you parents decided to punish you. So you were refused all leave until new order. Your mother even locked you in your bedroom. You lay down on your bed, angry and you dialed Jimin's number on your phone.

"Yeobeoseyo?" he picked up the phone.

"Oppa, I'm so sorry..." you said with a voice full of regrets.


"We can't meet tonight because of me..."

"What happened? Are you okay?" he asked, truly worried. It wasn't your style to cancel a rendezvous like that.

"Yeah but because of my bad marks, I'm not allowed to go out..."

"Oh... Did you explain to them? That it was our three-months birthday?"

"Yup... But they don't want to hear anything... I think they don't care about my love stories..."

"Don't worry, we'll find a way! I love you, _____."

"Thanks Jimin. I love you too~" you said with a smile.

You hung up the phone and sighed, turning in your bed. Will Jimin find a solution? You trusted him but... This day had do be perfect and your parents ruined it. You were really furious against them.

More than three hours later, you had still no message from Jimin. You should have doubt of it. He couldn't find a way. There was just NO WAY against your parents' punishment. He said that only in order to reassure you.

You changed clothes and put your pajamas. Then you slipped under your blankets, trying to sleep. There was no noise in your house. Your parents were already asleep. However, you couldn't sleep. You couldn't help checking your phone. But still no message.

Suddenly, something hit your window. You stood up and went to your window, suspicious. Then you opened it and you fell face to face with Jimin. He smiled to you and kissed your lips.

"Hi, honey~ !"

"J-Jimin, what are you doing here?" you asked him, a little surprised.

"I told you that I'd find a way to see you!" he answered with a bright smile. "Come with me, I've something to show you!"

"But, I can't go out..."

"Oh sure you can! Come on!"

"Ok... Just let me change." You closed the window and went to your closet. You took a beautiful lavanda dress and changed. Then you returned to the window and went out, with Jimin's help. The air was so sweet and pleasant. Jimin took your hand and you began to walk. You were feeling so good right now, with him. You couldn't help smiling.

As you walked silently, Jimin noticed the almost idiot smile on your lips "Why are you smiling?"

"It's just that I... It's the first time I walk like this, holding hands with a boy. And it's really a good feeling..."

"Awn ______, you're so cute! Does it mean that I was the first guy to kiss you too?"

You blushed. Of course he was... It was so embarrassing... You just put your head down, you couldn't bear his heavy look on you. Jimin understood that it meant "yes" and he passed his arm around your shoulders.

"I'm so glad to be the guy who obtained your first kiss! It's my first time~"

"Your first time of what?" you asked, frowning. You didn't understand what he meant by "first time".

"Oh.. N-Nothing..."

"It's not your first time kissing a girl, is it?"

"No, you're right..."

"How many?"


"How many girls have you already kissed?

"I don't know... Seven... Maybe eight..." he said, ill-at-ease. He knew you'd take it badly.

"I should have doubt of it! Of course, you are handsome and very attractive! You're like all these playboys! I was so blind. I come back home."

You began to walk back to your house but Jimin caught your wrist, stopping you "No wait! Please _____, don't leave me. I love you."

"To how many girls did you say that? Let me go."

"I'm sincere with you. I love you so much. Don't go! Please, just let me lead you where I wanted to. After this, you can do whatever you want."

"Ok. But stay at least at one meter from me." You were still angry and you won't change your mind.

"Arasseo~" he said, his smile coming back on his lips. In fact, he found you very cute when you were angry and he knew you would quickly change your mind, no matter what you could say.

"I'm not kidding Park jimin."

"I know but neither do I."

You followed Jimin silently. You were decided. After have seen the place where he was leading you, you'd leave him and come back to your house, in your so warm and so sweet bed. Some minutes later, after have gone through the hoods, you arrived in a beautiful and enchanting place. There was a lake above which were flying a lot of little fireflies. It was amazing and you were filled in wonders.

"Wow." You couldn't say one more word. You were so amazed.

"See?" Jimin asked you with an amused smile. "You're the one and only one I've brought here. We are the only ones to know this place. It is our secret garden."

"Wow... Jimin, I'm... I'm so sorry... I'm sorry to have doubted of you... Jimin you are really amazing!"

"I know~ So, jagiya, will you forgive me?"

"Of course! You're the best ever Park Jimin" you said, jumping to his arms. Your eyes began to fill with tears. It was too beautiful to be true. This place was just magic and seemed to belong to another world. And you were alone with this perfect guy named Park Jimin. In this moment, it was only both of you. Nothing else existed around you.

Jimin embraced his arms around your waist and hold you tight. Then he kissed you passionately before saying "Happy birthday to us, ______!".

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