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You looked at the little device with curiosity, wondering what your results would be. Next to you were the two MC of weekly idol, but your eyes wandered on the sly towards the boy on the opposite edge as you and whose compatibility was going to be tested with you right now.
You gloated into how good looking he was, the kind eyes and smile with the masculine and eye-catching aura that was emphasized by the perfectly styled fire red hair. Jimin and you had been invited several times before to weekly idol, so this wasn't your first time working along with him.
Doni was at your right holding the device, trying to figure out how it worked. -Well, let's found out the compatibility of Y/N with Jimin-
Your eyes went again to Jimin unconsciously, he was on the edge of his seat trying to peek at the device with a smile on his face. -Why am I so nervous out of the sudden? -
Oh if only he knew. Was what you thought, you couldn't wait for the results.
-I got it! - Doni screamed jumping off his seat.
Now you couldn't see the results, what if you had no compatibility? That didn't mean anything, right? You said that to yourself, but your heart was still beating a little bit faster when the number announced.
-Wow, 99% of compatibility! - Everybody in the studio was staring at you open mouthed.
Jimin was clapping. -That's amazing-
Defconn looked at him suspiciously. -Why are you so excited? -
Jimin tried to control himself and cleared his throat, but he couldn't wipe the smile off. -Does that mean I get to make a team with Y/N? -
You were surprised at his words but thinking about it you were looking forward to being paired up with him. Since a couple of episodes ago you had noticed that there was an actual chemistry with Jimin, it went beyond the professional field and that made you want to do more things with him.
Doni gazed up from the device. -You want to be paired up in this episode? -
You and Jimin shared looks and then your eyes went to the MCs. Defconn seemed to think about for a few seconds. -Can we do that? -
Doni stared at the production crew and since they didn't say anything he shrugged. -Why not? -

Everyone switched places, and soon enough you found Jimin standing next to you. The game was about to start, you were supposed to answer some questions to earn a free meal, but the tricky part was that the team that could pick the question first had to hit his teammate loud enough to reach 100 db. So of course the one getting hit in your team was Jimin because he said he wasn't hitting you.
-There's no way I'm hitting a girl-
Coni approached with the sticks with the little rubber hands on the tip. -Ah, such a gentlemen Jimin, take this Y/N-
You took the little thing and turned to Jimin, his smile never fading. -Where should I do it?-
He extended his arms and leaned back on his seat. -Wherever you want Y/N-
Laughing at his bold comment you went closer and after hearing the order of the MCs to start the game you hit him on his thigh.
Jimin putted on a dramatic face and you thought you had hit him too hard. -Did I hurt you? -
Jimin chuckled. -This is nothing-
You looked at the little device and it didn't reach the 100db but neither did Coni and Doni so you went for another round.
-This time where should I do it? On your thigh again? -
He nodded and you gathered strength, hitting him as hard as you could. This time the slap sound was notably louder, and so it showed in the device. -We got it! -
Jimin jumped and did a high five with you, Doni and Coni were staring with amused faces.

The first question was a little hard, you had to guess to which idol belonged a pair of eyes, a simple view and it could be anyone, but looking at it closely you could tell who it was.
-Shinee's Taemin! - You shouted and the little bell that announced a correct answer rang.
Jimin stood up and hugged you lightly, letting you go as soon as he realized what he was doing.
-Yah- Coni said. -Be careful with the girls in this program!-
You giggled and Jimin blushed, apologizing and bowing. -It was the emotion-
You nodded, not minding that hug at all.

The next questions went similar to that one, you had to guess several idols body parts, but the most fun was hitting Jimin to be able to answer. He seemed to be enjoying himself too; because he couldn't stop laughing not even when he made those dramatic faces after you hit him. Each time you answered something right, Jimin hugged you, touched your arm or your hands in some kind of celebration but you felt like he was lingering on the touch a bit more than needed. You decided go along with it, actually liking every single touch. You would find yourself casually gripping his forearm or retuning back the hug just tightly.

It was exciting and a bit risky at the same time, after all you were clearly flirting in plain broadcast, but the good thing was that you could blame it all on the excitement of the game.

Thanks to your enthusiasm you were now in the final round, with a good possibility to win the game.
-On your thigh again?- you asked
Doni came closer to you. -You know Y/N, Jimin is actually famous for something in BTS-
You stared at him curiously. -What? -
-Jimin, turn around- Coni said and Jimin laughed a little for the embarrassment, but did as told nonetheless. -For the sake of our ratings, you should hit him in here this time- Coni indicated, tapping Jimin's butt with his hand.
You blushed deeply, bringing a hand close to your face to cover up your smile. You couldn't believe this. -Seriously? -
-Seriously? - Jimin repeated.
-Of course! - The MCs assured at the same time.
Well, it wasn't your choice, but you were secretly glad that you had to do it. -I'll do it-
The MCs clapped with devil smiles on their faces, they were getting too much fun out of this, and you actually pitied Jimin for a second.
You tapped Jimin's butt with the little rubber hand softly. -I'm sorry Jimin-
-It's ok Y/N, I will sacrifice for this team-
You gathered impulse once again and slapped his butt. Jimin let out a little scream and the MCs bursted in laughter at your back.

Jimin threw himself to the floor, hiding his face in shame, you kneeled besides him, putting a hand on his back. -Are you ok? -
-I hope ARMY can forgive me-
You were worried but at the same time you couldn't stop laughing. Jimin looked at you a little betrayed. -Don't laugh! - But he was a laughing mess as well.
He stood up and offered you a hand to do the same.

The last question was so easy that in fact, you got it wrong. Thinking about endless possibilities you didn't think about the obvious, and couldn't guess a question from BTS about recognizing Suga through his nose.
-Hyung is going to kill me-
Everyone laughed at Jimin's disgrace again, and Doni and Coni ate the Steak Jimin said he wanted to eat at the beginning of the show.

Cameras stopped rolling and the director finished the recording. It was time for everyone to go, you were picking up your things from one of the backstage rooms when you saw him coming.
-Hello, can I come in? -
You said yes and he talked a little bit about the episode, and that despite you losing the game it had been really fun. -You're a really funny person Y/N-
You smiled at him. -And so you are... I'm sorry if I hit you too hard-
Jimin putted a hand on his chest and made a dramatic gesture. -You did, how could you amend that? - You giggled nervously, what was happening? -I think you have to make it up to me-
You listened interested in what he was saying. -How? -
-How about a date with me? -
You stared at him in the eye to read his intentions and when you realized he was actually serious about it a deep pink tint covered your cheeks. It made you kind of shy, but you couldn't say no. -I think that would do-

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