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You head towards the phone that was ringing in the living room. You grab it and click on the green button.


"____-ah, can I talk to you please?" Your boyfriend's mother asks.

"Oh! Mrs. Park! Of course! Is there anything wrong?" You asked with a concerned voice.

"Um, well... I'd like to meet up with you today. As soon as possible. Are you available right now? I'd like to meet at the park near your apartment."

"Oh, sure! I'll be right there."

You get changed in to nice clothes and head down quickly to the park. Jimin's mom was already there. She's actually pretty fast for a lady her age. You walk towards the bench she was sitting on and you bow.

"Hello, Mrs. Parkl!" You said with a cheerful voice.

"Eum, well I won't be needing you to call me like that anymore." She says, trying to avoid eye contact.

"Ah...? W-why...?" You asked, thinking about many things.

You thought that you would finally call her 'stepmother' or 'mother'. Getting married to Jimin? You were ready to be a Park.

"Are you going to break up with my son one day?" She asks quickly.

Your eyes open wide and you stared at her. What did she ask you exactly?

"W-what do you mean? What are you asking for?"

"I'm not asking. I'm demanding. You better cut your ropes with him or I won't let you approach him anymore."

"Mrs. Park, there must be something wrong... I mean, why? What did I do wrong? Please, whatever it is can I make it up to you? Or your family?"

"Ah for reals, what a hard headed girl. I'm telling you to break up with him is anything wrong with that? Give me this."

She picks your phone out of your pocket and texts your boyfriend. You stand there, not being able to move. You were shocked and scared. She throws your phone on the seat and walks away, leaving you there.

You pick it up and look at your phone buzzing a thousand times. He saw 'your' text and answered.

Jimin: No, sweetie, please, I don't want to do this.
Jimin: Are you there?
Jimin: Don't ignore me please why do you want to break up?
Jimin: _____! I'm serious! Is this a joke??
Jimin: I'm coming to get you! Stay where you are!
Jimin: We have to talk!!!!
Jimin: Don't leave me please..

You desactivate your localization and run to your boyfriend's birthgiver.

"Mrs. Park! Please, wait!" You said.

The closer you got, the closer she was to walk across the street, wether it was a green light or a red light. She didn't care. She obviously wanted to get away from you.

"Mrs. Park!"

As you run to her, a black car drives, approaching to you two. You try to get her away from the vehicle ,pushing her and rolling to the sidewalk next to her. You hear screams and people gathering around.

"Move, move please, move."

"Oh my god it's Jimin!"

There was endless screaming and a lot of sounds of walking around you. You slowly get up while everyone stared at you.

"Are you okay??" jimin shouted, grabbing your arms.

You smile and collapse.


"She'll wake up in a few hours or so. It'd be good if you let her rest." An unfamiliar voice says.

"Alright, thank you doctor." Your boyfriend says.

You can feel him sitting next to you, his breathing near and his arms were moving.

"Ah, seriously. Why do you even like her? She's clumsy and almost killed herself! How can you possibly like a girl that, Uh? What if you got married to her and will she was walking down the streets, she got crashed on to? Kids these days... They don't even care about intelligence."

He sighs and answers.

"Mom, please... Don't bring something like this right now. She's not even awake, do you think I'm in the mood to hear your lectures?" He says with a worried tone.

"Hey, Park Jimin. If you're not going to break up with her then you're not my son anymore."

"I don't need a mother that will 'unfamily me' if I don't end a relationship with someone." He answers.

You were certain he said that without thinking of his words. You could hear her gasp and exit the room.

"Should we do like your mother says..?" You ask.

"Uh? ____! You're awake!" He exclaims, hugging you tightly.

He lets go of you then takes a look at you.

"I don't want to." He says.

"Why? She's your mom, jimin-ah!"

"Why doesn't she even like you anyways? Smh, she's so weird."

You stop talking for a while then take a look at him. The door opens once more and the mother appears.

"Ah, Mrs.-"

"No, shut, don't even speak." She says.

"Mom... I'm going to be honest. I'm going to be with her, alright? I'll be the one marrying her. Not you. I know, I sound rude. But you even told me when I won't be 19 that I do whatever I want as long as I'm happy."

She sighs and looks at us. "Fine."

"So, we're going to get married!" He says, with a joyful voice.

"Uh? You didn't even propose!"

"Um, in a way I did." He answers with a smile.

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