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It would be your first time on set as a main actress and not only that this would be your acting debut. Not only that the most annoying alien (idol) of all was your counterpart.

"Annyeongsaeyo, Lee_____" you and your manager arrived early and you greeted the staff and handed them energy drinks. "I'll work hard, but please watch over me." You bowed sweetly and they smiled at you.

Immediately the hairstylist and make-up artist started working on you as you went over you're the scene that you and Hoseok would be acting out today.

"Have you seen Hoseok today? He's late." Your manager asked while informing you about your partner's status.

You kept your eyes glued to your script and you shook your head, "nope, and I'm somewhat glad."

"Yah," he scolded. "He's going to be kissing you today so you better be nice."

"WHAT?!" You shouted as silence fell on set and all eyes were on you two.

But then the silence was broken by a deep voice, "annyeonsaeyo, I'm sorry I'm late." Hoseok walked in bowing an apology to all of the staff and making his way around the set before he settled himself in front of you and gave you a smile as you sighed in defeat.

"Did you wait long? I bet you did, I'm sorry." He said cutely but instead of replying him warming you only glared at him and pressed the script against his chest.

"Quickly go over Scene 4, hopefully we don't have so many NGs," you mumbled the last part to yourself but Hoseok heard it as he opened up the script and a smile made its way to his face.


You two had gotten into characters hours ago and you two still hadn't yet got to the kissing scene yet. It was because you were extremely nervous and Hoseok on the other hand just couldn't remember some of his lines correct.

"Oppa, ottueke?" Your character asks Hoseok.

Hoseok smiled sweetly as he lifted your chin and your face that was pressed against his chest looks up into his eyes, "don't worry, as long as you believe in me. Nothing can tear us apart," he whispered softly before he leaned down ready to do the deed and be finished with it when...

"CUT!" The director yelled making you and Hoseok immediately pull away from each other.

"____, you seemed a little tense sweetheart, relax. And you, Hoseok, guide her, carefully and cautiously as if she's the most delicate thing on Earth." The director instructed the both of you but when he was talking to Hoseok, Hoseok couldn't keep his eyes off of you. He liked you being tense like this because normally you'd always be on his back for something- not that he minded, but now he was the one with the advantage.

He smiled to himself at the director's instructions; she is the most delicate thing in the world. He told himself. He pulled your closer even before the director had said 'action'.

You stared up at him in utter shock, "Hoseok," you whispered.

His eyes were serious yes soft and welcoming, "this is your first kiss, isn't it?"

You blinked embarrassed, but refused to actually answer him. He smiled and carefully leaned his forehead against yours a playful smile found its way to his pink lips.

"Relax, trust me."

You frowned, "why should I trust you, you're a child-"

He cut you off as he firmly pressed his lips against yours just after the director shouted, "action!"

And your eyes widened in shock, but since the film was rolling you couldn't pull away. All you could do was close your eyes and take in how soft and tender his lips moved against yours. Your heart skipped a beat and your knees began to feel weak but before you could actually kiss him back, the kiss ended as Hoseok pulled away first. You reluctantly opened your eyes and stared into his searching them when all you found was something unfamiliar to you.

"Cut!" The director smiled, "very good, but, one more time, from a different angle."

He was still cupping your face with his large hands as he looked down at you apologetically, "I'm sorry."

You smiled, placing one of your hands over his and the other gently placed in his shoulder while you swiftly jumped on your toes pecking his lips softly without anyone seeing as they were too busy moving the cameras, "no, it's okay. I'd kiss you a hundred more times if I'd have to." You confessed before lowering your head in embarrassment.

He smiled taking on of your hands and kissing it, "I was hoping you'd want to kiss me not just because you have to." He pouted.

You chuckled and lightly pinched his cheek, "hey, you can't have everything."

He grinned, that adorable child-like smile of his, "but I have you, right?"

You sent him a look, "I don't know... Jung Hoseok. 'Oppa, otteuke?'" You pretended to be in character again and he laughed kissing your lips as he would have to in the scene again.

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