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Rap Monster

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Your eyes quickly averted from his as he looked back at you. You could tell that your face was becoming rosy after looking at him, yet he didn't feel the same way. Well, that's what you thought. Ever since you became a trainee at BigHit Entertainment for a good three to four months, you couldn't take your eyes away from him. His goofiness, his smile, and his determination in his work got you. That guy was no other than Rap Monster from Bangtan Boys. By the time you were accepted into the company, you were introduced to one of the top groups in it.

Besides you liking him, he liked you back. Though you don't know, he talked about you like it was wildfire. He admired the way you kept so much attention and detail to their dance practices. You weren't afraid to ask them questions and how it was being a trainee. As much as you were a dancer and an experienced rapper, you were mainly around J-Hope, Jimin, and Suga. Rap Monster or Rapmon to what his members call him, looked a lot strict towards you. You had several rap lessons with him and all he wanted you was to keep repeating the same rap over and over again. This time, you felt like you lost all feelings towards him. Only one person knew about you and Rapmon's crush and that was Jin. He helped you most of the time about it, but he never told you about Rapmon liking you back.

"Y/N, he's like that," Jin said as he pats your back. You were both in the recording studio as he noticed that you were banging your head on the mic.

"I don't get it. I try so much to hint that I like him, but it seems like he hates me."

"Maybe he wants you to become a better rapper." Finally you had enough of it.

"I know what I'm going to do!" you said as you jumped out of your chair. Jin looked at you, puzzled as ever. "I'm going to skip his rap lessons and stay in the dance studio." Jin didn't know what to say, but he decided to just let you do what you want to do. Not knowing the consequences of skipping lessons, but this was something that would probably get Rapmon's attention.

For almost two weeks, you were scheduled to have rap lessons with Rapmon. You always stared at the recording studio and then darted to the dance studio instead. You knew the boys' free days and when your lessons were with Rapmon. He was getting a bit skeptical whenever he was on his free days, you had vocal lessons with Jungkook and you would always show up. One time, you imitated some girl group dances with J-Hope in the funniest way. This goofing off side of you was the side that he never liked. He kept calling your phone and leaving messages, reminding you to come to the recording studio. You simply ignored this and just went on with your little plan. One day you entered the dance studio, ready for dance lessons with Jungkook, Jimin, and J-Hope.

"Noona!" Jungkook said out loud.

"Jungkook-ah!" you said out loud as well. "So, what are we doing today?"

"Well, we decided to hold up our practice for tomorrow and we were thinking of just hanging out today," V said as he got up from the small couch in the studio

"Really?!" you squealed as you jumped around. "What can we do?" Just before V can tell you anything, Rapmon entered the studio with an annoyed face.

"Yah! Y/N! You have lessons to do and you need to come with me." You looked away and continued your attention towards V. Rapmon wasn't happy. "Y/N! You've been slacking off with my lessons." Again, you just ignored him. Not knowing how bad your plan went. "Y/N! You stated that you were an experience rapper. Why haven't you been attending my lessons?" His voice was getting louder and meaner. "If you're not going to take this training seriously, get the hell out of this company and go audition somewhere else. We don't need slackers like you. If you were in a group by now, everyone will be carrying your weight because you don't want to take this role seriously." Tears rolled down your eyes. You turned away from V and looked at Rapmon with a cold hard glare.

"To think that you were my inspiration and not to mention, my crush," you blurted out. "I just wanted to get your attention because you've been so strict whenever I'm around. If you think that I don't belong here, then I'll make you happy and leave." You stormed out of the studio, hitting his shoulder with yours as you cried. His members looked at him and kept quiet except for Jin.

"I kept telling you, but you didn't want to listen. Now, go chase after her," he instructed. Rapmon didn't take no second guesses. He ran out the studio as fast as he could. Now that he knew you liked him back, he wanted to apologize. No matter how difficult it'll be just when he yelled at you a few minutes ago.

As you headed up to your dorm, you fumbled the keys in your hand. Tears kept falling at the harsh words Rapmon spat at you. You dropped the keys countless of times until an unknown hand picked it up. It was him. He decided to open your door and guide you in. He stood by the door frame as his head hanged low.

"Y/N. Look, I'm—"

"Get out," you cut him. You wanted to be at your most calmness, but the anger built up inside of you. "Look, I heard enough already. Please, I understand that you don't want me here because of my stupid behavior and I—"

"I like you." Your eyes squinted. "Y/N. I really like you the moment you got accepted. Jin was the only person who knew about this and I really want to apologize on what I said to you just a while ago." You turned around.

"This better not be a joke."

"It's not. The reason why I said those things was because you kept skipping my lessons. I scheduled those lessons because I wanted to spend more time with you. Now that I know you hate me because how strict I was. I just wanted you to become the best female rapper out there and not just that, but my girlfriend." You stepped a bit closer to him as he kept going on. "Y/N... I'm really am sorry for saying those things. I never meant that to happen or slip out of my mouth. Please, don't leave. I want you to stay." Before he could ramble on, you planted a soft kiss on his lips. You slowly pulled away and dug your face on his chest.

"I won't leave," you said as you wrapped your arms around his waist. He held you close to him, letting his fingers glide through your hair.

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