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"Omma," your adorable daughter called for you.

"Hrm ?" You hummed a simple response to her as she looked down at her ice cream cup getting a scoop ready, she brought it up to your lips, "say, ah ~" she smiled, eager to feed her lovely mother. You blinked at the spoon before you glanced at her to see her excited expression that brought a smile to your face. Giving in you opened your mouth and let her feed you.

"Mommy, how does it taste ?" She asked with anxious eyes.

You beamed and kissed her cheeks, "almost as sweet as you do."

She giggled, "mommy, when did you eat me ?" She joked and you laughed.

"Are you asking me to bite you ?" You taunted playfully and she laughed shaking her head.

"Aniya, Omma ~" She said sticking the last spoonful of ice cream into her mouth.

You smiled at how satisfied she seemed and handed her a napkin, "here, sweetheart."

She accepted it and wiped her mouth, "mommy... do I have anything on my face ?"

Smiling at her you shook your head, "nope, mommy's darling is as beautiful as can be."

She giggled and held your hand, "now, can mommy's darling go play now ?" She asked with aegyo. You chuckled and nodded. She grinned and quickly kissed your cheek before running off.

"She looks like you," and old familiar voice commented from behind.

You turned around in shock but sent the old stranger a smile, "thanks."

He nodded, "so do you mind if I..."

You glanced at the empty space beside you that he was gesturing to, "no, go ahead, be my guest."

"So what brings you here ?" You curiously asked even though you were wondering why he wasn't in a disguise or something seeing as Bangtans popularity rose in the past 3 years. "I mean I heard you guys were in U.S."

He smiled, "we just got back, and I wanted so fresh air."

"Ah," you nodded in understanding.

"So where's her dad ?" Jungkook question made your expression fall as you stared at him. Of course he didn't know you two had broken up when he was casted into Big Hit Entertainment and he left you. You two left on good terms because you promised him no matter what you'd always support him and it was true. You were pregnant with his child at 18 and you had kept it from him, because you didn't want to be in the way of his dreams. He patiently waited for your answer.

"Uh, Mina's dad isn't with us anymore," you replied awkwardly.

Jungkook's eyes widened, "omo, I'm sorry. I didn't know... I'm so sorry. I-"

At first you were confused as to why he was freaking out until you realized how he took your words and you burst into laughter making him stare at you with that adorable lost expression of yours.

"I'm sorry," you managed to say coming back from your high. "I think you miss understood, I didn't mean he was dead, I meant he's not with us anymore."

"Oh..." Jungkook nodded now understanding how you meant it. "Well, I'm still sorry."

You smiled, "don't be, he's doing something he loves now and we're happy for him." You said as you looked at your little girl who was playing with the other children on the playground.

Jungkook followed your gaze to her and smiled as well, "how old is she ?"

"She's 5," you replied.

Jungkook thought about it and his heart hurt a little if she's 5 which meant you had to have gotten pregnant soon after you guys had broken hurt but he didn't show it or say it. Just then the little girl that was so similar to you came running to her mother.

"Omma, Omma, I made a new friend today, her name is Lalice." The little girl grinned excitedly. "And I see you've made new- oh, uli appa ?" She said softly staring at Jungkook who was watching her with loving eyes. Jungkook's expression fell as he blinked at her before his eyes traced up to the girl's mother.

"Omma, he looks like my appa, ?" Innocent Mina asked curiously.

You stood up and held her head against your leg, "ah, well I think we should get going." You said nervously bowing a little as Mina did the same thing and took your hand as you led her away. Mina turned around to look at her father one last time. Their eyes locked and he immediately knew that she was his daughter.

"Wait," he said taking your wrist. "S-she's mine ? How could you not tell me ?" He asked almost angry.

You pulled your wrist from his grip and held Mina close to you, "tell you ?" You questioned. "Jungkook, how could I tell you, when you told me that you were letting me go for your dream ? I couldn't let us stand in the way of your goals."

He stayed silent knowing that he was the wrong one in this.

You shook your head and hid the tears, "Jungkook, Mina and I are happy watching you become everything you wanted to be. Your dreams have come true and we're happy for you." You smiled sincerely as you glanced down at the little girl that worriedly examined your state. You patted her head assuring her that you were fine.

"Not only are we happy for you, we're proud." You confessed as tears filled your eyes. Jungkook stepped closer to you but you cautiously took a step back. He didn't want to scare you so instead of moving closer he stood in his spot and reached for your hand.

"I know I made a mistake, but don't you feel sorry for me ?" He asked. "I was so wrong to let you go," he confessed. "And I'm not just saying that because I realized that for three years I've had a beautiful baby girl that I didn't even know existed." He said softly feeling guilty for his huge mistake.

"I thought that I could live without and achieve my dream but to be honest it was so difficult. Do you know what the only thing that gave me strength was ?" He searched for your eyes before letting go of your hand and reached into his back pocket taking out his wallet.

Opening he pulled out a small picture, "this." A picture of you and him, because he was a hugger he had his arms around you in a back hug as you hugged his arms and smiled at the camera.

"There wasn't a day that I didn't want to give up, but because I remember our promise I did it for you. Do you remember me what we promise ? When I told you about being casted do you remember what you said to me ?" He questioned. "You said... since I'm letting you go, Jungkook, promise me you won't disappoint yourself and fall short of your dreams. Well I have another dream... that I wasn't sure if it'd come true or not."

You stood there waiting for him to continue but he only smiled at you waiting for you to ask what it was, "what is it ?"

"I wanted to have a family with you," he confessed but you only stared wide eyes still holding Mina against your leg. He squatted to the little girl's level as she hid behind her mommy.

"Do you know who I am ?" He asked her softly. She peeked out from behind her mom and nodded.

He smiled, "your mommy show me you ?"

She smiled a smile similar looking to his and nodded as she stepped out from behind her mom, "hrm, mommy says that my appa still looks like a baby despite his old age." She quoted her mother's exact words causing Jungkook to light blush.

"Your mommy said that ?"

Your adorable little girl nodded before her father glanced up at you making you blush, "you said that ?" He questioned and stood up straight again.

"Maybe, I said it once," you replied and he laughed.

"So, will you and Mina help me achieve this dream ?"

Mina gave an excited gasp, "sure ! I want to help make dream come true ~"

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