Rap monster

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It was during mid-night when your phone rang making you jump out of bed landing hard on the ground.

"Ow..." you groggily rubbed your pained bottom before reaching for your phone.

Glancing only to see it was your best friend you frowned, "do you know what time it is?"

"I was worried," she mumbled.

"What?" You asked confusedly.

"You didn't hear?" She asked her voice almost shocked.

"Hear about what?" You impatiently asked.

"About Namjoon' dad," she replied, "h-he got another heart-attack and is no longer with us-"

With that you hung up, shuffling off the ground you grabbed your jacket and raced down the stairs and out the door. Without another thought you ran to the Big Hit building. It was late but you knew you had to find Namjoon and knowing him, he would not be at the dorms. As soon as the front doors opened your raced up the stairs and checked every room, empty.

"Aish," you groaned ruffling your somewhat damp hair from the light rain. "Where could he be?" You thought out loud.

But why were you looking for him exactly? You had no idea why you were looking for him anyways. You and Namjoon were complete opposites and you absolutely despised each other. He'd always tease you; you could handle the teasing but not when he picked on your height. It wasn't your fault you were brought up short and he was just freakishly tall, and gorgeous, and perfect. You two had started training together years back and you knew him longer than some of his members as well.

He debuted before you but that came as no surprise to you although it was quite shocking to him. His dad had been sick for a while and you knew just how much his dad meant to him. Hearing that his father was gone, you just reacted without thinking. You rubbed your face in frustration giving up as you unknowingly walked towards the roof top but you stopped when you heard soft sniffling around the corner.

You stopped and shrunk in place, hearing his soft sniffs and his short breaths hurt your heart. As much as you thought you disliked him, he was still a person and making fun of someone else's grief was just cruel and inhumane. You leaned up against the wall taking a deep breath before you turned the corner ready to approach him.

"Don't come any closer," he ordered. "I'm warning you, don't."

"Warning me, from what?"

He stayed quiet not sure what to say, "Namjoon, I'm-"

"I don't need your-"

"Sympathy?" You answered for him. "I'm not here to give it to you. I'm... Namjoon, I'm worried about you." You gave in to your stubborn heart and confessed to him.

He gave a weak laugh, "yeah, right."

But you weren't smiling now nor were you planning to lie to him, "I'm serious, I am worried about you Namjoon. I was afraid of what you'd do, and right now you're doing exactly what I was afraid of."

"What?" He questioned getting lost from your question.

"Don't push the people who care away from you when they want to be there for you, Namjoon. Don't push Bts away... don't push me away."

Namjoon refused to look at you, and you frowned with a heavy sigh, "alright, I get it. You want to be alone, just don't... -just get some rest and put some ice on your eyes before going to bed or they might swell even more in the morning."

"Wait, where are you going?" He asked when he grabbed your wrist as you were about to walk away.

You turned back and finally saw his slightly red eyes that shattered your heart, "my phone will be on if you need me, but I think you should call Bts first, they're worried about you."

"No, I'll text them, but..." he hesitated searching your eyes. "Stay," he whispered not pulling from your gaze. "Please, as a request, stay with me."

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