Play With Me | myg by kimchiifriedrice
Play With Me | mygby Klaudia
In which a girl accidentally sends nudes to the hottest boy in school - Min Yoongi cover done by the amazing @taemptaejeon 💕
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Dark is Over by xu_an_ts
Dark is Overby Xuan
A girl who has made up walls around her to be alone. Some guys will break them and will take her to bright side and will be her with together along
  • namjoon
  • fanfiction
  • kimseokjin
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Bad Boy In Luv || Completed by Suga_Kim
Bad Boy In Luv || Completedby Kim 🐢
In which a girl hides a big secret behind those nerd glasses. Credits for the cover goes to @Jiminfication :D Highest rank: #2 in fanfiction (10/30/17) Start: 08/??/15 E...
  • yugyeom
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Touch  by Sooaura
Touch by 수어라
She has a phobia of being touched by the opposite sex, and he wants to help her overcome it. WARNING: Contains potentially upsetting scenes Highest Ranking: 7 in Fanfict...
  • jungkook
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Mute | Jungkook 18+ by TaeismyTae
Mute | Jungkook 18+by Kookie's Love
Anna .....Forced to marry Jungkook for a child .....She can't talk ..... [ Started 25 August 2018 ] [ Ended ............................. ]
  • jeonjungkook
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Ugliest Professor [NamJin] by HobisHearteu
Ugliest Professor [NamJin]by SHOOKimnida
Kim Namjoon is the ugliest professor at Bulletproof University... ...or so they thought. #96 in Fanfiction 170512 #1 in NamJin 170827 #4 in Yoonseok 171026 #1 in angst 1...
  • hoseok
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Being Jungkook's Sister by xTaeHopex
Being Jungkook's Sisterby xTaeHopex
Jeon Jungkook, the maknae of the boyband BTS. Loved by fans all over the earth, little did they know the baby had a twin sister. Even though the fans know of her existen...
  • suga
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That Unnie is My Oppa | Yoongi/Yoonji [√] by myshatae
That Unnie is My Oppa | Yoongi/Yoo...by ` your oppa '
[Crackfic] School's most pretty and popular senior isn't what she seems like. She's an egoistic, sadistic girl who won't leave you alone, blackmail you, bully you. Nonet...
  • yoongi
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Bookworm • namjin • by Seokkinky
Bookworm • namjin •by I’m not a koreaboo
"Is that a hardcover or are you just happy to see me?" Where Jin is a bookworm for Namjoon's books Highest ranking: #1 in Namjin
  • fanfiction
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Bad Teacher(Yoonmin) by yoonminislifeu1
Bad Teacher(Yoonmin)by ❤
"age is just a number" "and jail is just a room" whereas a 25 year old teacher min yoongi falls for the 16 year old highschooler park jimin. ⚠WARNING...
  • jungkook
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  • namjin
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Evicted ✓ by occamy
Evicted ✓by 제스
"Sit," it's no longer a request, it's a demand, and my body obeys the instruction before my confused brain gets a chance to process what is happening, "Yo...
  • jin
  • namjoon
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We own you || BTS || +21 by bangtans_slut
We own you || BTS || +21by 𝒥
„Yeah, cleaning, cooking and all that. Easy." You responded „Oh no darling... You're not going to be normal maid, you're going the be our paid fuck buddy, your job...
  • bangtansonyeondan
  • fluff
  • yoongismut
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The King Likes Men by Crys_Tells
The King Likes Menby Crys_Tells
Korea goes into an uproar when its announced that its faceless King, Kim Namjoon, likes men and only men. In an effort to get him married off, his grandmother holds a co...
  • btsfanfiction
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No Mercy | All Seven Fic 🔞 by bigbrownbambieyes
No Mercy | All Seven Fic 🔞by bigbrownbambieyes
"Sometimes the only way to face the devil inside you is to jump right down into hell and see if you take a shine to Satan hisself" Jungkook flashes me a wicked...
  • taehyung
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Vintage Love ✓ by softaura
Vintage Love ✓by A.
"You're sleeping with your professor, aren't you?" [Highest Ranking - #1 in Fanfiction] Started, 20 Aug 2018 Ended, 08 Oct 2018...
  • tae
  • suspense
  • kth
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Bangtan's Baby•BTS• by KlovesBts
Bangtan's Baby•BTS•by •KayVee•
"Whose fucking baby is this?" Namjoon cursed, not caring of how mishandled the baby in his arms was. "NOT MINE!" All the other members stated in uni...
  • bangtansbaby
  • fun
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Innocence ~BTS X-reader~ by BiadwreckedbyBTS
Innocence ~BTS X-reader~by Yumiko
She had been in captivity her whole life until seven men come and rescue her. She has never seen a male before and is completely innocent. She doesn't even know what a k...
  • namjoon
  • yoongi
  • jungkook
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BTS Jokes by elhhun
BTS Jokesby 𝔂𝓾𝓲𝓬𝓱𝓲
  • suga
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trouble ➳ bangtan boys by kkaebsongkaisoo
trouble ➳ bangtan boysby ☾anna☽
❝ Stay away from those boys, Violet; they're nothing but trouble. ❞ #28 in fanfiction!!
  • fanfiction
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Be Mine || Jungkook ff by kimseokjoonie
Be Mine || Jungkook ffby kimseokjoonie
You and Jungkook were childhood best friends. Theres just one thing...You hadn't realized he was in love with you.
  • btsrapmonster
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