Neukdae •JeonJungkook•Wolf AU• Completed•✔️ by LaikaTaehyung
Neukdae •JeonJungkook•Wolf AU• Com...by 「LU」
What would you do if you found out that your BestFriend since birth wasn't actually what you thought he was? "You're telling me that you all here," she paused...
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Just a slave  《BTS SMUT 18+》 by RealAnimefuko
Just a slave 《BTS SMUT 18+》by Nicole Wood
*no offence to BTS , they not like this at all!* *MATURE THEMES AHEAD AND SENSITIVE THEMES AHEAD* What happened if BTS took you in, as you were homeless and slowly bega...
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MAMA [ Child Bts X Mother reader ] by Anime_lover_book100
MAMA [ Child Bts X Mother reader ]by D A L I S S S S♥︎
Now you can lean on me,and I'll always be by your side. I'll give you all you need to see your smile everyday
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Being Jungkook's Sister by xTaeHopex
Being Jungkook's Sisterby xTaeHopex
Jeon Jungkook, the maknae of the boyband BTS. Loved by fans all over the earth, little did they know the baby had a twin sister. Even though the fans know of her existen...
  • seokjin
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Secret Member [BTS] by horonigaikumu
Secret Member [BTS]by horonigaikumu
Mark has specially been chosen as the new member of the boygroup BTS. The company knows but no one told the members that their new member is not actually a guy called Ma...
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Bodyguard >> Taekook by Mataerialism
Bodyguard >> Taekookby Mataerialism
In which a wimpy looking boy is assigned to guard the son of a famous CEO Top! Kook Bottom! Tae
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Drunk (Jungkook X Reader) by Nekrokat
Drunk (Jungkook X Reader)by Nekrokat
No one knew about 'it' the first time he was drunk until years later...
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School Slut [✔] Jimin X Reader by Pixi-potato
School Slut [✔] Jimin X Readerby ARMY
"It's so painful to know that someone like you is still a virgin." he said licking his lips. "But don't worry, I'll end this pain tonight." he said a...
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BTS reactions and scenarios  by Midnight_Gypsy
BTS reactions and scenarios by Midnight_Gypsy
This book contains reactions and scenarios of the seven amazing boys that practically ruined our lives. -Reactions -Scenarios -Individual Scenarios -Series Enjoy :D
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cuddle buddyーjung hoseok by agustoad
cuddle buddyーjung hoseokby yoongi stan
'will you be my cuddle buddy?' 'what the fuck?' 'p-please, i can't go to sleep without c-cuddling someone.. i haven't slept in w-weeks' 'fine.. as long as i'm helping yo...
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The School's Bad Boy || #Wattys2017 by marktaeee
The School's Bad Boy || #Wattys2017by Y.J
She has the looks, the brain and the popularity but she had one flaw, she was a gangster at her old school. Now, she planning to change her image at her new school but i...
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BOSS || JUNG HOSEOKby ✨ gucci slipper 👑
"How can you not be on time for a simple arrival?" He laughs. "But I understand why your father put you as the low ranking job. Just a pity employment.&qu...
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Oh, It's On 》BTS 21+ by exolexact
Oh, It's On 》BTS 21+by Elle™
❝I dare you to seduce all the people on the list.❞ ❝So you're asking me to seduce the biggest fuckboy, the golden heartthrob, the school's notorious delinquents, the li...
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BTS smuts by xchelxs
BTS smutsby 🥀🥀🥀
~Bangtan smut storys~ Highest ranking #196: in Teen fiction Highest ranking #1: in Kookie Highest ranking #9: in Hoseok Highest ranking #20: in btssmut Highest ranking #...
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RIVALS  | jjk. by jiminfication
RIVALS | jjk.by the nugget ninja
"did you just draw a dick on my face?" Highest ranking: #5 in FANFICTION
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Lust [✔] Jungkook X Reader  by Pixi-potato
Lust [✔] Jungkook X Reader by ARMY
He steps closer pulling off his neck tie and unbuttoning his shirt. "What-t do you think you're doing? " He brings his face closer to mine and whispers in my e...
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Blood Ink by pocketbangtan
Blood Inkby Y|O|O|N|I|V|E|R|S|E
"That's my tattoo, Y/N, on your body. You know exactly what that means." BTS Jungkook x Reader tattoo artist AU gang AU Thanks and credits to all of the origi...
  • wattys2018
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The Love Of A Werewolf  by Igotbangtan777
The Love Of A Werewolf by Alex
Highest Rank #9 in Fanfiction Every time when our eyes locked, my heart was alive like it never had been before. Like I never lived for real until I meet him. Every tim...
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FAKE ✓ by ParkMeJeon
FAKE ✓by - 제이국 -
❝ Everything was fake except for the pain it caused ❞ "Of course dad, I treat her like my queen." "I hate you so much, my queen." ••• Arranged Marria...
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Honey Bunny by pocketbangtan
Honey Bunnyby Y|O|O|N|I|V|E|R|S|E
"Jungkook. Just. Humped. Me." BTS Jungkook x Reader Bunny JK ❤️❤️ lol it sounds weird but trust me Highest Rank: [#1 in Fanfiction]
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