Taehyung (requested)

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Nowadays, your time was dedicated to consistently studying. Everywhere you were you studied. You constantly worked so hard that you were lacking sleep a lot.

You barely had any time for Taehyung - your boyfriend. Whenever you came to BTS' dorm it was never to actually spend time with any of the guys, it was to find a silent place to work in ... Which seemed a bit silly because the BTS members were never silent but it was your excuse to be around Taehyung some more.

The members living room was the busiest and noisiest of all the other rooms in the dorm. It was a nightmare. Jimin, Hoseok, and Jungkook were dancing to girl group songs in front of the television whilst Jin was judging them from a distance. Yoongi and Namjoon were having a really deep, serious conversation about life.

You were sat on your couch reading a book for your upcoming English essay, Taehyung sat next to you with his arm around your shoulder meanwhile Jimin was also sitting next to you - rocking from side to side. Purposely trying to annoy you.

"What book are you reading?" Jimin tried peeking at the page you were currently reading therefore you held the book closer to your face in attempt to ignore him. He pulled the book away from your face "Careful or you might actually enter the book." Did Jimin seriously think he was being funny?! You took your work very seriously and if anyone tried to test your patience things wouldn't turn out well.

You were generally a kind person however there was little you could tolerate. Taehyung could see that you were starting to lose your patience so he signalised Jimin to leave you alone.
Jimin got up and hid behind the couch so that he could try to possibly annoy you even more. You knew Jimin meant well but you really weren't in the mood to joke about. Not today.
When Jimin stopped hiding, he got up and started messing your hair up so that they would fall in front of your face preventing you from reading

"Cheer up Kami" he sang in a childish tone.

You literally couldn't take it anymore. You could see Taehyung pleading JImin to stop but he wasn't listening. You stood up from your seat "Can you not!" You raised your voice to put emphasis on how much you did not have time for Jimin's games.

Everyone in the dorm stopped what they were doing to look at you, they had never heard you raise your voice at anyone before. Each members eyes were wide opened in absolute shock of your sudden outbreak of rage. Your eyes stayed focused on Jimin to show him how serious you were being, this only resulted in him staring blankly back at you. All the members eyes shifted from you to Jimin.

"I didn't do anything, I swear"

Jimin pouted his bottom lip and Hoseok tried breaking up the awkward atmosphere "What did he do? Jimin you better not mess with Kami or you'll have to deal with me." But he only made it worse, Jungkook made his way to Jimin and started tickling him.

Soon after, Hoseok joined in except he started tickling Jungkook "Don't touch hahah"

They created more noise. Jin went back to judging Jimin and Hoseok along with Jungkook.
Namjoon and Yoongi were laughing at how weird their members were.
Taehyung seemed extremely confused - not knowing what to do he held on to your hand "Try to calm down ... Please?" You released yourself from his grip abruptly. You made your way to the guys bedroom to isolate yourself from all noise.

You overheard Yoongi talking to Taehyung "What's going on with Kami?"

Taehyung let out a loud sigh "I have no idea ... I don't know what to do"

Yoongi cleared his throat "Look, I'm not an expert in romance, love and relationships - anyways I think you should check on her"

Taehyung exhaled very loudly "Komawo hyung" even though his tone was calm you could still feel the anger progressing inside him.

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