Jin (Requested)

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You were deeply sleeping in your large bed, your boyfriend next to you. You always woke up the latest because you loved sleeping so much. Because of that, Jin used to call you his "little marmot". It always made you frown but you let it pass. In fact, you didn't want to admit it but you liked when he called you like this. You found it was a cute nickname.

This morning was a morning like the others, expect that it was Christmas day. You were wrapped up in your warm blankets. Jin had woken up more than a hour ago and has been staring at you the whole time. He liked sleepy face so much and he could spend hours just looking at you. But this day, he began to feel bored and he wanted you to be awake. He was impatient to give you your Christmas present. So he came nearer to you and lightly began to stroke your bare arm, whispering to your ear with a singing voice "Jagiya~ It's time to wake up~".

But for sole response you grumbled and turned to the other side. Jin frowned, disappointed, and thought about a better way to wake you up. All of a sudden, an idea struck his mind. He quickly stood up and ran to the kitchen. There, he prepared a hot chocolate with spices and marshmallows. He knew it was your indulgence. He came back to the bedroom and put the steaming bowl under your nose. "_____~ I made a delicious hot chocolate for you! Wake up honey~!"

You slowly opened an eye, woken by the sweet fragrance and noticed the angelic face of your boyfriend only a few centimetres from yours. You blushed, a smile growing on your lips. "Hi Jin Oppaaaa~".

"Hi sleepyhead~ Well slept?" he asked, ruffling your hair already dishevelled.

"Fine and you?" you answered while yawning.

"I always sleep well when you're in my arms."

You turned red again and sat up on the bed, asking him to give you the bowl. He did with a smile, amused by your behaviour. Then, he sat cross-legged next to you and watched you drink your hot chocolate. Your eyes filled with stars. It was the best you had ever drunk. It warmed you up and your heart as well. You were just feeling so good right now. You gazed out and noticed it was snowing. Your face brightened with joy. It couldn't be more perfect.

You finished your hot chocolate and smiled at Jin. Without warning, he moved as fast as lightning and pecked your lips. You blinked by surprise and blushed violently. Then, he pulled away and grinned at you. It took you some seconds before realizing what just happened and you mumbled. "W-what have you just done?".

"There was milk on your lips and it would have been spoiled!" he chuckled, adopting a so adorable face that you couldn't say anything.

He laughed seeing how upset you were and ruffled your hair. Then, he stood up and asked you to wait him. "I have something for you jagiya~".

You obeyed silently, wondering what Jin was talking about. He came back soon after, his hands hidden behind his back. He sat on the bed and handed you a little present prettily wrapped. "Merry Christmas honey!".

You blinked. You had totally forgotten that Christmas was today. You felt quite ill-at-ease because you had nothing for him but you couldn't help smiling like a little girl. You wanted to know what your present was but you didn't dare unwrap it. Jin was staring at you eagerly "Come on! Open it!". So you did and discovered a pretty pendant with the infinite symbol where your both names were engraved. You smiled as your eyes were filling with tears. It was just magnificent. The most beautiful thing you had ever seen. "Jin I.. I just don't know what to say. It's... it's splendid!"

"I'm glad you like it!" Jin patted your head with a smile. Then he took back the necklace from your hands and asked you to turn around. You complied immediately and he put it around your neck. You looked at him lovingly as he asserted "You're beautiful~"

"Thank you Jin. Thank you so much. You're the best boyfriend in the whole world." You took a break and put your head down. "But I'm sorry, I'm not this perfect and I... I completely forgot Christmas..."

Jin raised your chin to force you to look at him. Then he smiled tenderly. "____, I don't need any present. Your love is the most wonderful present you can give me~". You suddenly threw yourself into his arms, moved, and whispered to his ear. "I love you Jin~"

"I love you my little marmot~"

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