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"Why won't they shut up?"

"They're kids." You replied patiently.

"So? Don't they have an off switch?"

"No one has an off switch. You should keep quiet right now too."


You giggled at Jin look of indignation and sat back, waiting for the two other people that you would be spending the day with. Finally, the crying that had been floating through the walls ceased, and a man walked in with two identical twin boys, one in each arm.

You gasped, marveling at the adorable chubby faces and pouty lips that were now chewing on lollipops. "Hi!" Your voice automatically became higher pitched and baby like as you waved to the twins, who both hid in their father's arms instinctively.

"They're so cute!" You told the father, and he smiled gratefully as he set the two boys down and let them toddle to their toys.

Glancing at Jin, you happily noticed that his indifferent attitude had changed. He was now staring at the twins almost in awe, his eyes soft and his lips slightly parted, and he laughed when he saw one of the boys ramming his toy truck into the wall.

"They're a handful." The father said. "I hope you can deal with them, I could stay and help you if you both want."

You stared at the boys and couldn't see any trace of malice in them; they looked so innocent as they stacked letter blocks on top of each other. "I'm sure we'll be fine." You replied.

You regretted your rejection of the father's help two hours later, when it was lunchtime and more food was ending up on your shirt than in the twins' stomachs.

"Jin, a little help?" You groaned as you noticed that your boyfriend was putting away the toys at the speed of a snail and smirking as he saw the boys reject the peas once again.

Finally, he seemed to have taken pity on you, and scooted over. "Make them laugh." You gestured to the twins, who were defiantly sitting with their arms crossed.

"How?" Jin replied. "If you haven't noticed, I'm not the best at variety."

Suddenly, you thought of an idea. You shaped your fingers into a gun, and "shot" Jin in the chest. He looked at you, confused. "Fall down." You muttered, trying to not let the kids hear.

Jin seemed to understand what you were doing, and the next time you shot him, he collapsed onto the floor dramatically, moaning and groaning in pain. You heard little giggles from behind you, and you whirled around to see the two boys rocking back and forth in peals of laughter, their mouths wide open.

You shot Jin again, and he fell once again. You took this opportunity to scoop up the peas with a spoon, and you put the spoon into one of the boy's mouths when he was laughing. The boy stopped laughing, and you got ready to get another regurgitation of peas onto your shirt. However, you were surprised when you heard a little gulp and the boy opened his mouth to show you that you swallowed the peas.

"Yes!" You exclaimed. "Good job!" You high-fived the twin, and fed the other twin, who swallowed as well. Overjoyed at having finally finished the task, you did a little happy dance and the twins joined in, hugging you at the end.

You plopped onto the floor, mentally exhausted from the strenuous task. "Hey!" You looked up and saw an unhappy Jin pouting.

"What?" You said.

"I want a hug too. I helped." Jin mockingly crossed his arms and slouched down.

"Okay, I'm sorry." You hugged Jin, and he wrapped his arms around you. Seeing the embrace, the two twins ran over and jumped onto the two of you.

"I'm hugging three kids right now." You said.

"There's only two, stupid." Chanwoo replied.

"You're the third."

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