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You've never been so tired and sore in your life. You just finished your shift at the café you worked at for the past 8 months now. Of course, you had to apply to the busiest café in Seoul. Most days you didn't mind though, you got paid well so there was nothing to really complain about. Once your shift ended, you immediately bought two vanilla cupcakes for your two year anniversary with your boyfriend Jongkook. You felt horrible because you had to work most of the day, but Jongkook didn't have work that day or the next, so you had the rest of the weekend to yourselves. You couldn't believe you were in a relationship with the man you love for a year now. To you, it seemed a lot more. You both have gone through so much. You were surprised that you both could make it work and still see each other the best you could. You couldn't wait to get home, change into something more comfortable and just sit around with him.

You had to take the bus home tonight because Jongkook said he was going out with his fellow band members for a bit while you were at work. During the whole bus ride, butterflies were swarming in your stomach. You wondered if Jongkook had planned anything for your one year anniversary. You doubted yourself. Jongkook was a forgetful person, plus he had been gone all day today. You didn't blame him though; all you got for the occasion was vanilla cupcakes. You reached the stop to get off of and walked another two minutes to get to your apartment. You saw your boyfriend's car parked in his regular spot, showing that he was home. You smiled to yourself excited to see him.

As you got to your door, all you could hear was loud music. Was he that bored? You reached into your purse and found your keys, placing them in the lock to unlock the door. You opened the door and walked in without even noticing what was going on. You through your bag on the floor, still holding the cupcakes then you looked up to see your boyfriend sitting on the couch...with someone else. Boom. Right then, you couldn't feel anything put pain. You now know how it felt to be stabbed in the heart. Memories were rushing through your brain. Have these been all lies? It seemed like Deja v, exactly what he did a year ago. Now you were watching Jongkook and another girl making out on your couch. They both didn't notice you though; all you did was stand there. Tears were starting to well up in your eyes, you couldn't feel anything. The music was still booming for anyone to even notice your presence in the room. As they both stopped heavily making out, Jongkook gave the girl a smile that anyone would remember and lightly kissed her. That's it. That tore you up right there on the spot. You finally broke into a sob, not being able to see a thing with all of the tears in your eyes. You dropped the cupcakes onto the floor and turned away from the scene. The loud thud of the cardboard box startled Jongkook and the other girl. Jongkook shot up from his spot on the couch and turned down the music.

"Ara?" he asked. You turned your head to the side a little bit to see what he was doing while you continued to cry your heart out. You could see bottles of alcohol. He was drunk. That tore you up more. You grabbed your purse and ran out of the apartment, choking on your own sobs. Jongkook tries to stop you, but wobbled his way to the front entrance. He squatted down to the box of cupcakes on the floor. He opened the lid and read what it said.

Happy 2nd Anniversary oppa! I love you with all of my heart! ♥

He groaned and through the box of sweets across the room, startling the other girl. He reached up to his head, rubbing his hands in his hair. He cursed to himself. He knows what he did wrong. He had no intension to either. He wanted to blame others, like his band mates. For making him go to that bar to have a good time. But he knew this was his fault. He knew he had too much to drink. He knew he brought that girl home. But he didn't know you would find out this way. Coming back home to see your boyfriend making out with another woman. He hated himself.

"Are you alright oppa?" said the other woman, coming over and patting him on the back.

"Get out." Jongkook said in a cold voice. He couldn't care less about this woman. He wanted you back. He wanted to explain everything to you and wanted you back in his arms.

"Excus-" "Get out!" he shouted at the woman cutting her off, scaring her out of the apartment.


You woke up with this growing pain in your head. You groaned and sat up from the bed at the hotel room you were staying at for now. You rubbed your eyes, which still hurt from your constant crying from the night before. You felt broken. Your heart was just shattered. In most situations, the other spouse finds out his/her partner is cheating on them by their best friend or by some sort of evidence. But in your situation, you had to see it for yourself. You started to tear up again. Just thinking about the man you were so deeply in love with cheated on you. You were thinking to yourself that what he did was a mistake. He was drunk, anything can happen when you are intoxicated. You did a small laugh in between your sob. Drunk or not, he broke your heart again. Millions and millions of pieces of heart shattered, but he won't be able to pick them up.

After you checked out of the hotel, you went straight to your apartment. You didn't care if he was hangover or sober. It was your apartment that you paid the bills for. You reached the front door, but didn't have the courage to go inside. What if that girl was still there? You felt sick to your stomach, but you had to do what was best for you. You can't let him run over your life. You pushed the door open to see nobody there. You checked in every room to see if there was a passed out Jongkook, but you found no soul. You gave a slight scream in frustration. He wasn't here. Neither was his stuff. You walked to the kitchen knowing something must be there. You saw a piece of paper on the countertop.

Jagi, you have no idea how heartbroken I am right now. I know that you are feeling ten times worse though. I hope you know and believe that what you saw last night was an accident. I got drunk, and all of a sudden all of this started to happen. I don't have to say 'I hope you, etc' because I know that you know I love you very much. I know that you will never forgive me and I hope you find someone who will take better care of you. Just remember I love you so very much and I never will stop loving you.

Saranghae Ara-ah <3

You swallowed, but the lump in your throat was making it difficult. You must have read the note over one hundred times. You noticed there were some spots on the page that were wet. He had been crying. After you read the note once again, you noticed your tears were starting to fall, landing on the note.

Saranghae Jongkook oppa.

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