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"Yah, (Y/N) is coming over!" Jimin yelled from upstairs, phone hanging between his cheek and shoulder, "She said she's pissed off at you!"

Hoseok groaned, rolling his eyes. He sat downstairs, next to Suga, and was equally pissed off. Not at you, no - at himself (and at you, a bit, I guess).

You and Hoseok had been friends for ages, since you were practically in diapers. You grew up together, you went to school together - and, embarrassingly, everybody thought you would start dating. Maybe that's what made Hoseok start to notice you as a girl, not just as one of the guys. And it was frickin' painful.

You couldn't hug him because he would start blushing. You couldn't compliment him because he wouldn't stop giggling. You couldn't sit next to him when you were playing video games because he could never concentrate when you were beside him.

"Tell her to not come!" He yelled, not taking his eyes off of the screen in front of him. Jimin raised an eyebrow at Hoseok behaviour. "Why?"

Hoseok rolled his eyes, pausing the game and throwing his remote down. "Because I said so! Tell her I'm sick or something."

Not waiting for an answer from Jimin, Hoseok picked up his controller again and unpaused the game, losing himself in the animated adventure.


"Maybe you shouldn't go," Jordan spoke, fixing the earrings she had on, "Didn't you say Hoseok has been avoiding you for the past month?" You scoffed at her bluntness, trying to tie your laces up with one hand.

"And your point is? I want answers," you stated, "And I'm going to get them." You didn't bother dressing up much for the party - it was a house party, and nobody was going to be dressed in club clothes. Shorts and a tank top were the best option.

She shook her head. "I didn't mean it like that, (Y/N). It's just... there's a lot of people there-" She broke off. You laughed humorlessly at what she was trying to imply. There's a lot of people there. I don't want you to embarrass yourself.

"I'm going," you stated firmly.

"There's always a chance to back out now," Jordan suggested as she pulled up to Hoseok's house. You turned you head to glare at her. "Okay, obviously not."

You stepped out of her pick-up truck, slamming the door and immediately striding towards the house where music was pounding. You could already see drunk people dancing on the grass outside or sitting around with red solo cups.

"Why did I agree to this again?" Jordan asked grumpily as she followed you into the house, arms folded angrily as she made her presence known by stomping her feet.

You looked back at her with a sly smile. "Because Jimin is here and you want to make out with him?" The comment sent her skin burning and features defeated.

You heard her grumbling a bit before she stopped completely - which was weird. You sighed in annoyance, reaching behind you to grasp her wrist. "Jordan, we don't have time to waste! I have to find Hoseok-!"

"Why?" A very drunk and very male voice slurred, making you spin around to see where Jordan had disappeared to. Your eyes widened at the site of the evidently extremely drunk and half naked Hoseok.

"What are you doing?" You hissed, snatching his wrist and pulling him through the crowds. "Why the hell are you not wearing a shirt?"

Hoseok giggled from behind you, singing something along the lines of, "I will be free~"

You started the trek upstairs, carrying at least 80KG of dead weight behind you, because Hoseok decided he didn't want to go upstairs, and was now pouting and trying to claw at the banisters.

You huffed at the sight of the man-child below you. "Get up!" He didn't move. You sighed, throwing your hands down in defeat. "...Please?" He looked up at you, a childish smile blooming on his face.

"That's what I was looking for!" He immediately staggered up, using his hands to steady himself against the stairs. Finally, he stood up straight, a dopey smile on his face as he 'steadied' himself. "Well, come on, then!"

It was quite amusing to watch him try to skip up the stairs when he was drunk; you'd definitely have to tease him about this when he was sober - which reminded you of why you came to the party.

"Yah, Hoseok, let's go," you muttered, pulling his wrist until he was up the rest of the remaining stairs. He whined, wrapping his hands around you in a bear hug so that you were stumbling the last steps to his bedroom.

"Hoseok!" You exclaimed, grabbing his hands that were wandering a bit toofar, "If you don't stop this I'm going to-"

"What?" He slurred with an equally drunk chuckle, "What're you gonna do? Huh?" He released himself from your hands, and instead of going back to annoy you, he stumbled into his bedroom, leaving the door open for you.

You huffed as you slammed the door. "Okay, Hoseok, time to put on-" You turned around to face him. "- a shirt?" You finished on a confused tone, looking at your best friend who was resting on the bed - not just resting, actually - he was trying to be sexy but it just wasn't working.

"Hoseok," you sighed, making your way over to his dresser, rifling through the numerous articles of clothing (you swore you saw a jumper you'd been looking for for months in there?), "Why have you been so mean lately?"

You didn't expect an answer from the half-asleep pile on the bed.

"What do you mean?" Came his slurred reply, drowning in alcohol and sleep and a million other things. "What are you talking about?"

You didn't know why you were having this conversation when you knew he'd forget everything in the morning. You took the t-shirt in your hands, sitting on the edge of his bed.

You sighed looking at the sleepy boy. Running your hands through his unbearably soft hair, you muttered, "You know what I'm talking about. You've been ignoring me and being distant for the past month-" You hesitated, "I- Did I do something wrong?"

He shook his head tiredly, nuzzling his cheek into your hand. "You did nothing, (Y/N)," he murmured affectionately. He suddenly let out a cry, moving away from you and hiding under his covers.

It creeped you out how much he could be like a little kid.

"It's my fault!" You heard him wail from under his pile of 100-something blankets. There was a moment of silence before he mentioned, "Or maybe it's your fault. I don't know."

"Hoseok," you cooed, tapping the lump beside you gently. "Just tell me what's wrong-"

"Why do you have to do this?" He suddenly demanded, throwing the covers off of himself and folding his arms angrily. You jumped at the sudden action.

"Do what-?"

"Do this!" He gestured to you, "Stop being yourself! It's making it harder for me to fall out of love with you!" He breathed out in frustration, throwing in a, "Jeez..." At the end of his sentence before he collapsed back onto the bed, closing his eyes for a second.

Meanwhile, you sat on the edge of his bed, mouth open wide and eyes even wider. Hoseok had just confessed to you? While he was drunk? An irritated groan came from you as you realized he probably wouldn't remember. Better use it to your advantage.

You shuffled up onto the bed until you were beside him. You poked his side gently, waiting for him to opening his eyes. "Hoseok. !" He groaned as he opened one eye.

"What is it?"

You pouted, spreading out your arms. "Do you not wanna cuddle? We always cuddle when I sleep ove-"

In a second Hoseok had trapped you in yet another bear hug, rolling over on his bed until you were underneath him. "Satisfied?" He yawned, leaning his head on your shoulder. It amazed you how he was even able to sleep with the pounding music downstairs.


He smiled, eyes still closed, before he leaned down to peck your lips ever so softly. "Remember to remind me that I confessed in the morning?" He asked, holding up his pinky.

You smiled at your childish best friend, linking your pinky with his, "Of course."

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