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It was the last week of school before the holidays are upon us. Our classes were more like an indoor picnic with all of the food and treats from our lecturers. Today, our lecturer had gotten us cupcakes as a making-it-to-the-end-of-the-semester gift.

"(Y/N), I'll get you the red velvet one okay?" Taehyung, my best friend, asked.

I nodded and waited for him to return. I loved the fact that Taehyung remembers the littlest of details like the things I like, flavours I prefer and such.

Both of us first met when we started college. He came into class a little late and took a seat beside me. The next thing I knew, we were having fun and already shared a few inside jokes. We have been so close since that very day. Sometimes, too close for comfort. Taehyung likes to express himself with skinship. He likes to give hugs as a form of greeting, wrapped his arm around me and such. Since he does that a lot to me, it felt like a norm to me. However, to others, they thought otherwise. Though I do wish that it was really otherwise.

Taehyung finally came back with 2 cupcakes and that wide rectangular smile he often puts on. We stood by the corridor outside of class and ate our cupcakes. As we were munching away, I gazed at him. I observed his features - from how his eyes grew big as he enjoyed the cupcake to how his lips were slightly covered with frosting.

"Is there something on my face?" he asked, snapping me back into reality.

"Oh! Yeah there is," I said and dabbed the frosting on his nose. I then quickly ran away before he could catch me.

We went through a few rounds of chases - me trying to hide from him and him trying to catch me. After hiding in the corner for a while, I decided to head back to class since it seemed safe. Just when I was about to reach class, someone caught me from behind and dabbed the frosting on my cheek. He then kept on tickling me. Afterwards, he held me by my waist and spun me around as a form of punishment (it's a pretty fun punishment for me honestly).

If people didn't know, they would have thought we were a couple.

From a far, Jin, one of our good friends, was calling us out. He's like our mum, nagging at us for messing each other up with frosting.

"(Sigh) And they say they aren't a couple," he murmured to himself and walk back into class.

We quickly got napkins and started cleaning up.

"See what a mess you did! I have frosting all over my face. Hey, I want you to lick it off my nose," Taehyung came closer to me.

"What? No way! You're too tall anyway," I looked away from him, hoping that he didn't see the blush that was forming on my cheeks.

He suddenly turned my face so that I would be facing him. He wrapped his arms around my waist then bend to match my height and kissed my lips. Fireworks were blasting off in my head. I could hear my heartbeat ringing in my ears. Is this even real?

"You missed a spot right there," he gave me a cheeky smile as he let go.

"Oppa..." I said as I touched my lips.

"Oh now you're calling me oppa?"

"No I mean -"

"You liked it don't you? Kekeke~ Hey, don't hide it. Let me tell you a secret - I like it A LOT. But not as much as I like you,"

"Huh what?..."

"I like you pabo! Now, stop playing hard to get before I kick you,"

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