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staring down at the pregnancy test in your hands, you gasp in shock. the small little "+" signs was making you want to vomit, well you hope it was the shock and not the human growing inside of you. your first instinct was to call your best friend. waiting for her to pick up her cell phone, you shake your leg out of nervousness. "hello~" you friend says finally answering her phone. "i need your help f/n". you say trying to calm yourself.

"what happened y/n?"

"i.....i am pregnant."

" did this happen, i mean i know how it happened. but have you told Suga yet?"

"no not yet, i mean i just found out myself. and thats what i need help with. how do i tell him?"

that was the question that was running threw you mind since you first thought you might be pregnant. Suga already has enough on his plate, with his debut right around the corner, having to write songs, choreographing dances for Bts. he barely has enough time for you, muchless a child.

yes he has talked about wanting children. but he always says after being married, and that is definitely not happened yet.

"will you go to the hospital with me in a few weeks f/n, to make sure things are true, before i tell him i want to make sure i am legitly pregnant." you tell them.

"of course i will, what kind of friend would i be if i didn't go with you."

*a few weeks later*

today was one of the luck days Suga had off. but all you wanted was for him to be anywhere but with you. he had spent the night with you, but you on the other hand were in the bathroom most of the night, throwing up your guts. you decided at about 5 that sleep isn't going to happen. moving to the living room you switch on the tv in hopes to distract yourself from the nauseous feeling inside of you, and the coming events of the day.

having found a rather funny show to watch you lost track of time. that is until a sleepy Suga called out for you at about 8:30. "ne, Yoongi~" you say as he rounds the corner rubbing the sleep from his eyes. "what is my beautiful jagi~ doing awake?" he questioned. "just chilling before f/n comes to get me so we can hang out". pouting slightly at the thought of his girlfriend leaving him on a rare day off. "oh....ok!" he says getting up to get breakfast. he walks away to the kitchen as you look on, only thinking about how he will react to you telling him, only to have your thoughts cut off by your phone beeping telling you you had a text message. looking at your phone you see your best friends name lighting up the screen. clicking on the message you read the words "hey i should be there in like 10 minutes. make sure you are ready!" so you walk to your room to get ready for the day, the day you will find out if you truly are having a baby with the man you love more than anyone/anything else.

10 minutes later you were saying goodbye to Yoongi and making your way to your best friends car. the car ride to the hospital was a rather silent one. reaching the hospital your friend grabbed your hand and said "breath, ok, everything will be ok." letting out a sigh you nodded your head and made you way inside of the hospital.

waiting for the doctor to come back with the results was torturous. it was filled with nervous fidgeting, your friend trying to distract you in anyway. the slightly awkward atmosphere was disturbed by the doctor walking in with the results.

"miss y/n"

finding the guts to look up you say "ne doctor"

"congratulations, you are indeed pregnant! here you go." he states handing you a printed version of the results, confirming what you have suspected for about a month now. that is when it hit you, you have to tell him now, there was no reason not to. but how do you tell someone this. you can't just walk up to him and say "oh hey, how are you? hows practice been? your now a dad btw!". i mean there is just no good way to do so.

walking out of your friends car and back into your apartment where Yoongi was waiting, all you could think was "oh god i need to pee!". reaching your apartment you throw your purse, along with the results from your doctors visit, onto the table in the living room as you b-line for the bathroom.

being shocked at his girlfriends sudden entrains and her stuff being flung onto the table and almost knocking over his beverage, he went to go move aside the items. but curiosity took overs him all too quickly as he begins to look over the papers. slowly and again and again he reads the words "miss y/n is pregnant" hearing you come out of the bathroom he stands up and says "what the hell is this?"

"i.....i can explain Yoongi"

"why didn't you tell me? is this what you and f/n did today?"

you sighed "look Yoongi...i was going to tell you..."

"when? how long did you plan to not tell me i was going to be a father?" "you know what never mind i know now." he exclaims as he angrily makes his way to the bedroom slamming the door shut behind him. letting yourself fall to the couch he had previously occupied, you begin to look over the papers he had spread out on the table. scribbled words were all you could see, that is until you looked closer feeling your heart break at how sweet his words are soon realizing they were directed to you. you hadn't even realized you started to shed tears until you felt the tears hitting you hand. you knew you had to apologize to Yoongi, you should have told him when you tested it at home. getting up you slowly shuffle your feet toward your room. opening the door you see Yoongi sitting on your bed, head resting on his hands. mumbling "how could i have let this happen?"

"Yoongi" you say just loud enough to get his attention.

"i'm sorry" you both say as you walk closer to each other.

"look i shouldn't have yelled at you like that, i was just so shocked. i mean i am going to be a father." he says as he gets down on his knees and kisses you stomach. "trust me i am happy, the happiest man on earth."

giggling at your cute boyfriends, you sit down next to him and say "look i was going to tell you, i just wanted to know for sure if i was pregnant or not. i just didn't want to get you hopes up or get you mad" leaning your head on his shoulder he smiles down at you and kisses the top of you head and says "i can never stay mad at you. you are the one person that means the most to me, well you and the little one in you."

you both exchange a "i love you" before getting up to spend a day lazing in bed.

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