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Stars glittered against the black canvass of the night sky above your head, the moonlight shimmered off of Suga white sports car while the street lights danced through the car as he passed by them quickly on the way back to your house.

Beautiful slow music played over the car's radio while his hand slowly laced with yours over the center console. Glancing down at your hand in his, he smiled and drove confidently with his other hand securely on the wheel. Trailing your eyes up his beautiful baby blue shirt that hugged his toned shoulders tightly, his strong neck held up the collar while his face was slowly highlighted from the street lamps lining the road.

Tearing your eyes away from your handsome boyfriend, you watched him turn into your little community of condo's. Maneuvering through the tight streets leading to your condo, he pulled alongside the curb, shifting the car into park, both of you turned and faced each other slowly.

"I had a really fun time tonight, Yoongi" You squeezed his hand gently, watching his head drop and his cheeks blushed under the low light in the car.

"I had a lot of fun too, I always do" He replied lovingly as his thumb brushed over your knuckles gently. Lifting your eyes to his, kindness and a deep love reflected in his eyes something you haven't seen for such a long time. Getting a little lost in his eyes, a buzzing from your phone caught your attention and pulled you back to reality.

Unlocking your phone with your other hand, you read the message, Yoongi watched your eyes move along the text as he turned his head to give you privacy if you needed it.

"Who was it?" Yoongi questioned after clearing his throat slightly

"My little girl, she texted I can see you" You giggled and showed him the text from your babysitter's phone.

"I better get you back to her so she can get to bed, it is kind of late" Yoongi slowly let his hand slip from yours as he climbed out his door then walked around his car and opened your door for you.

"Thank you Yoongi" You slipped your hand into his outstretched one and stepped out of his car. Leaning up you placed a gentle kiss on his cheek. "I really enjoyed dancing with you, it was very fun."

"I just hope your feet don't hurt too much from me stepping on them" Yoongi gently bit his lip slightly as he swung your hand in his back and forth between the two of you.

"I just hope I didn't hurt your arms when you dipped me" You chuckled, placing your free hand on his bicep, you rubbed his arm gently as he just shook his head with a bright smile curling his lips.

"You aren't that heavy, I could pick you and carry you around for hours" He confessed while his eyes locked with your for a moment before the two of you stepped up onto the small covered porch. Turning towards each other, he smiled and looked down at his fingers before looking back up into your eyes.

"Well I guess... have a good night ______, I will text you tomorrow" Yoongi rubbed the back of his neck as he was never good with goodbyes.

"I will look forward to it" You smiled back at him, "Just get home safe okay?" Your hand gently rested on his arm as he nodded gently.

His beautiful brown eyes gently flickered from your eyes to your lips then back up again. Licking his lips gently, you could feel butterflies form in your stomach from his body language. Biting your bottom lip gently, his hand reached out and slowly wrapped around yours, lacing your hand with his slowly, your eyes lifted up and met with his as he stepped close

"May we?" He whispered gently asking for permission to kiss you. Falling for a loss of words, you nodded your head and allowed your eyes to close as his other hand slowly ran over your cheek as his warm breath spilled over your lips right before his silky smooth lips pressed against yours.

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