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You breathe heavily and glare at Jimin... He glares back at you with the same intensity. An awkward silence falls and you both don't want to apologize. Lately, it's been tense between you two. You and Jimin have both been so busy and stressed that little things would set you both off.

Today, Jimin called you over to the dorm to talk about what's been going on. The conversation started calmly, but it soon got out of hand. Even though you and Jimin don't want to fight, especially with the other members a few feet away, you two couldn't help it... Jimin stares at your icy expression and he can't take it anymore. Yah! Stop staring at me like that! It wasn't my fault! I was planning on apologizing but you wouldn't stop talking! You two start arguing once again. The other members all retreated into a room and tried to not get involved, but hearing you two arguing again... they know they can't stand by and watch. Before heading out into the "war zone", they agree to be objective.

The members slowly walk out and see that you and Jimin have gone back to not talking to one another. Jungkook, Taehyung, and Jin go to you and the others take Jimin into another room. An hour later, Jimin and the 3 members come back into the living room. You and Jimin are about to apologize to one another when Jungkook interrupts.  (Y/N)! Why are you apologizing? You didn't do anything wrong~ Jimin hyung should apologize not you. TAehyung and JIn stand by you and nod in agreement. Namjoon, Jhope, and Suga stare at Jungkook like he's crazy untill Namjoon spoke  Yah Jeon Jungkook, (Y/N) was apologizing. Why did you stop her? efore you and Jimin can understand what's going on, an argument breaks out between the members that sided with you and the members that sided with Jimin.

At first, Jimin is somewhat offended that Jin, Taehyung and  Jungkook sided against him... you're just shocked that it even turned out that way..... But listening to the 6 quarrel makes you and Jimin realize how childish you both have been acting. You two stare at one another with wide eyes and start laughing. The 6 members stop arguing and stare at you two curiously. Jimin makes his way toward you and gives you a tight hug. I'm sorry jagiya~ Please forgive this stupid....but handsome tree~ You rest your head on his chest and apologize too. You and Jimin start getting all mushy gushy, making the others feel like gagging. Together, they retreat back to the room... still confused on what exactly happened.

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