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"Listen to us, _____!" Your father shouted.

"How can you still possibly love him? Isn't he disgusting? I thought you told me you dated a boy, not a boy that wears make up and sings in a weird band!" Your mom says, making things worst.

"He's going to hurt you, break up with him already." Your father says.

"Stop it! I don't care if you don't like him, you already have someone to love, why can't I have that too? Why do you care so much?! I'm the one that loves him, you guys have nothing to do with this! Stop telling me that he'll only bring me pain because you're the ones doing it!" You shouted at your parents.

You leave your parents's house and walk to your apartment that you live in with your boyfriend for months. Your parents found out a few weeks ago and tried to convince you to stop dating and break up. Since you were pretty much against everything they said, you refused.

Slowly passing by the doors, you finally get to yours and unlock it. You look at your boyfriend that was standing in the living room, waiting for you. He looks at you and asks.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing, just my parents." You answer in a low voice.

"What happened with them again?"

"They're just being selfish and rude, that's what happened. Just ignore what they want to tell you it's all I have to tell you."

You kick your shoes off and walk to your room while he follows you in. You tried to not let any anger or tears out but you felt weak and tired from your parents so you started to cry. He wraps you with his arms and kisses your head, rubbing your back with his hand.

"Don't worry... Everything will be fine..." He says.

"I'm just so angry and upset..." You whispered in a small voice.

While he slowly rubs your back, your phone rings. He brushes your tears away from your cheeks and leaves the room to let you answer your call. You didn't feel like answering your parents since you were too angry for that. Since you calmed down a bit, you unlock it and put your phone near your ear.

"Try to talk to me about splitting up with him and I'm ending this call." You started the conversation.

"____, please, can't you do this for our sake?" Your mother says.

"Your sake? Excuse me? I am the one dating him, this is for my sake, for my happiness. You don't want me to happy, don't you? It's been since I was young, I was never happy. And now I can't? You told me when I was 18, I could do whatever I want. Do you guys even know what you're saying?!" You said, then closed the call.

You hear the door open and see Jungkook appear. He looks at you and picks your hand up. You start to shake and feel like crying again.

"Come, come in here with me." He says, pulling you to the bed.

You sit down and he makes you lay down on the bed.

"I know your parents sees me differently from how you see me."

He puts a few kisses on your cheek and hugs you, your head facing his chest. He starts to talk about the future and your children until you look at him and ask

"Do you think all those things are possible?"

"Yeah, why?"

"Getting married in Paris, honeymoon in Las Vegas, having 2 kids, a villa, a nice car, is that possible?" You said, tracing his collarbone with your finger.

"Of course, as long as we're together, everything I planned can happen."

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