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Rap Monster

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"What do I do if they don't like me? Will we really be able to end up together?" You kept questioning your boyfriend non-stop, worried about his family's thoughts about you when you'll meet.

"I feel kind of offended, right now." He answered. "You're talking like my parents are super strict. Also because you think badly about yourself, you think that you're not good enough but you're the definition of perfection. They'll love you, I promise."

Normally, a boyfriend's words should be comforting but you were going insane. Scenes about his parents slapping you or getting angry if you weren't what they expected came up, you didn't want to enter the building you two were heading to. You didn't have a choice, you dated their son for already 4 years, you had to meet them one day.

"Namjoonieee!" His mother exclaimed as soon as she opened the door.

We're already here? Shit

She embraced her son before turning to you, smiling. She started talking, saying something in Korean, you didn't have an idea of what she was saying.

"Let's go in." Namjoon whispered, tugging on your hand.

You followed him to their living room. You weren't the definition of perfection, the living room was. Everything was spotless, you were more interested in that area than any other. His mom told him something then he turned to you.

"Want to go look around my house? Mom said that she was going to get dad in the garden."

You nodded and walked up the stairs to the bedrooms. His was at the far left, next to the laundry room. It was an adventure, searching for the bathroom then try to find his room before meeting his parents.

"Namjoon!" His mother called.

The only thing you could understand was when his parents called him, or else you had absolutely no idea what was going on. You got to the garden with him, where his parents were sitting at a table. The backyard was pretty amazing, the plants were the reason why. Keeping a smile, you sat in front of his mother, where your boyfriend joined you.

"Don't be nervous, okay? Everything is going to be fine." He reminded you before looking at his parents.

You were extremely nervous. He already met your parents, it was now your turn to meet his. They started babbling in their language, you waited patiently for Namjoon to talk to you or at least say something related to his parents. His dad looked at you and smiled, then started speaking in Korean.

"He asked what are your thoughts about me and how do you feel in this relationship."

"You're handsome and I feel comfortable in this relationship." You answered briefly.

He chuckled. "That;s all? You don't find me.... Smart? Cool?"

"You're the best, okay?"

He translates your words to his parents that started laughing. Was it that funny?
His mother nodded and started talking endlessly, which made her husband enter their conversation.

"How many kids do you want?"

"I don't know, why are you asking?"

"I'm not asking, I'm translating."

"Two is enough, I guess."

"Two? Only? Can't we have more?"

"Why would we have more, I can't even handle you, you're like a baby." You warned him.

"That's because you call me 'baby' sometimes." He reminded you.

"That's not a reason. Why do your parents want to know about children? Did you tell them I'm pregnant or something?!"

He was laughing, you knew something was going on. He shakes his head, making a 'no' sign. He continued chatting with his parents, they kept smiling at you, they seemed pretty happy about who you were. The discussion suddenly ended, you ate supper with his family then went back home. It was a long walk back to your apartment, you were so happy to arrive at the doorstep of the building until he pulled you away from the entrance.

"Where are we going? We live here."

"Follow me."

He wasn't telling you anything about where the two of you were headed to, and it actually worried you. Whatever he was planning on was probably a prank or he was taking you to a late date. You liked going on late dates with him, it made your stress leave your body.

You stepped out of the bus and marched with him to a fountain. You stood there, looking at the water move around. Who knew water was so interesting?

"Can I have your attention now?"

You turned around since he asked you for your attention. He smiled at you, and it made you smile back. There was a cold breeze but it didn't matter, you felt warm inside. He kept looking at you until he sighed and approached you.


"You know that I love you a lot, right?" He begins..

"I know that, why?"

"Do you love me a lot?"

"Of course! Do you think I'm cheating on you or something?"

"I'm not." He answered. "But if you are, then it would be really awkward if I did this."

"Did what?"

He goes down on a knee, keeping his smile as his eyes looks at your expression. You were definitely sure that you knew what was going on.

"If I did this." He takes out a red velvet box and opens it, showing you the little jewel.

You knew that you were supposed to expect a ring, yet you still gasped because it was the prettiest ring you ever saw. Actually, the only diamond ring you ever saw.

"I've talked with your parents and my parents about this decision. What do you think about it? Is marrying me a good idea?"

You nodded non-stop until he got up to kiss you so you would stop shaking your head.

"I love you so much, I can't wait to have our two kids." He mumbled against your lips.

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