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mute ; kimtaehyung  by starboyoongi
mute ; kimtaehyung by nasra
even though she couldn't talk, he knew what she was saying.
  • taehyung
  • teen
  • junkook
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Online {J.JK x reader} by Minian-lips
Online {J.JK x reader}by 💜~미니안~💜
"I don't call myself a porn star, but I'm pretty famous on Live Babes (LB). I make money doing what people ask of me, and they are mainly men, married men. Some eve...
  • taehyung
  • pornstar
  • webcam
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Reply Me Not || Taehyung x Reader by ArmyArchives
Reply Me Not || Taehyung x Readerby 🍍PIRENO🍍
"Do you wanna see bobs and vagena?" "I just choked on my champagne" It was supposed to be your crush's number. How on earth did you end up texting Ki...
  • heir
  • seokjin
  • suga
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V for Vampire || kth. by someonepassingby
V for Vampire || kth.by Potaeto
''so, want my bites or hickeys?''
  • werewolvesandvampires
  • jinxreader
  • jin
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gαѕнιиα • уσσимιи by taestyhoseok
gαѕнιиα • уσσимιиby 生活
where jimin happens to be yoongi's omega. copyrights @taestyhoseok 30/03/18
  • suji
  • yoonmin
  • vkook
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Bunny Smile (unedited) Jungkook x Reader by Ace_of_Grace
Bunny Smile (unedited) Jungkook x...by Ace
~ A large bunny smile stretched across Jungkook's face and they both turned to face Megan who let out an "awe" sound. Jungkook shrunk back and hid behind (y/n...
  • btsfanfic
  • cute
  • bunny
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trouble ➳ bangtan boys by kkaebsongkaisoo
trouble ➳ bangtan boysby ☾anna☽
❝ Stay away from those boys, Violet; they're nothing but trouble. ❞ #28 in fanfiction!!
  • bangtan
  • jin
  • jungkook
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Fifty shades of Park™ | PJM |(18+)|✅ by sasaxoxo13
Fifty shades of Park™ | PJM |(18+)...by sanskruti salunke
" I can make you cum even when you are crying" If you think this is a cliché dom jimin story then be prepared for disappointment and utter excitement. You are...
  • bts
  • bangtansonyeondan
  • kpop
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Young Teacher | p.j.m by seoulustful
Young Teacher | p.j.mby ⌯ 134340 ⌯
❝this is what happens when you have a young teacher ❞ ⌯ was teacher | p.j.m ⌯ © seoulustful started : 010519 ended :
  • btsfanfiction
  • jungkook
  • fanfiction
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My Little Fox (hybrid Jimin X reader) by Mochi9988
My Little Fox (hybrid Jimin X read...by Mochi9988
It all started when you found a wounded hybrid fox on the ground. You couldn't walk away and leave knowing he's suffering. (Hybrid Jimin X reader) FluffxFluff. (No smut)
  • btsjimin
  • jiminfluff
  • bangtan
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Irresistible • A BTS Gang FF by skrraaa
Irresistible • A BTS Gang FFby aaarrks
irresistible /ɪrɪˈzɪstɪb(ə)l/ adjective too attractive and tempting to be resisted. (WARNING! this book contains: swearing, violence and kinky shizzle :)
  • kpop
  • yoongi
  • bangtansonyeondan
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Overmorrow | Jungkook x Reader [Completed] by enasthetic
Overmorrow | Jungkook x Reader [Co...by Ena 🦁
What would you do if one day you woke up as Jeon Jungkook? You were a BTS fangirl living an ordinary life in an ordinary world. But your oh so ordinary world turned upsi...
  • bangtansonyeondan
  • comedy
  • bodyswap
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Bts 8th member by Lunaofstars
Bts 8th memberby 愛
The title says it all I do not own any of the members except for Nari. All the pictures belong to their rightful owners. 🌛Rankings🌜 #3 in Imagines- 11/5/18 #14 in Fluf...
  • jungkook
  • jhope
  • 8thmember
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Kitties and Cupcakes : pjm ✔️ by Born2beSad
Kitties and Cupcakes : pjm ✔️by 🌙 ~ moonchild ~ 🖤
"Y/n...can I bite you?" Hybrid au, Reader adopts a stray hybrid cat and he helps her out at the bakery she owns Features other members as well Completed 12/25...
  • yoongi
  • jimin
  • btsyoongi
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As he walked with his mother on the way to the exit, he caught a beautiful girl. "Mommy.." he paused for a while. "Yes darling, do you want something else...
  • bangtan
  • taehyung
  • prince
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ILLEGAL || Park Jimin x Reader ✔ by IntoBangtan
ILLEGAL || Park Jimin x Reader ✔by Nameless♡
Everyone is suspicious about you, because you are the new teacher who looks way too young for your profession. Especially to a certain boy named Park Jimin, who's except...
  • rapmonster
  • jiminxreader
  • badboy
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Womaniser by Chloe_England
Womaniserby taelien
"You're mine, Y/N. That means I can do what I Please with you."
  • suga
  • jin
  • btssuga
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Celebrities Kid| Park Jimin x Reader by Annikinthemannikin
Celebrities Kid| Park Jimin x Read...by ani❣
In which Y/n is a single mother and Park Jimin, a famous choreographer, is just a memory of her past. What'll happen when Y/n signs her kid up for dance lessons and his...
  • yoongi
  • jimin
  • jin
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My Bunny, My Idol | j.jk by callmefkm
My Bunny, My Idol | j.jkby s e m i h i a t u s
One day your favorite kpop boy band suddenly went missing for the past three days and the next day you just found a bunny in a cage in front of your house with a letter...
  • btsfanfic
  • jimin
  • hybrid
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Play With Me | myg by kimchiifriedrice
Play With Me | mygby Klaudia
In which a girl accidentally sends nudes to the hottest boy in school - Min Yoongi cover done by the amazing @taemptaejeon 💕
  • romance
  • taehyung
  • namjoon
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