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You sighed as you punched in the code to your apartment. Today had been a really tiring day, and you were ready to just fall asleep.

The door let out a small 'beep' and unlocked. Pushing your door open, you noticed the lights in your living room were already on.

Taking your shoes off, you cautiously peered over the wall separating the doorway area and the living room. You had a feeling you knew who was there, but just in case.

He hadn't told you he was going to be coming over.

As you saw who the man was sitting on your couch, you immediately let out a huge smile.

Hoseok was waiting for you.


He stood as you entered the room.

"You're home!"

As you walked over to him, he embraced you tightly. Resting his head on your shoulder, he moved you side to side.

"Do you know how long I've been waiting?!"

You laughed as he continued his antics.

"Yah, I would have come home sooner if I knew you'd be here!"

He stopped his weird hug and grinned down at you.


"I thought you had practice? And I saw you a couple days ago... you're not usually this free..."

Hoseok laughed awkwardly.

"Yeah, I have practice, but I wanted to take a break to come see you. And what do you mean you saw me a couple days ago?! Can't we see each other more than once in a span of a few days?"

"Hoseok oppa, that's not what I meant. It's just that you're too busy to see me on your normal schedule, and now you have a concert coming up and-"

"AHH, my lovely girlfriend seems a little tired!" Hoseok cut you off.

You raised your eyebrows at him suspiciously. Something was definitely up.

Smiling cutely at you he continued, "Don't worry, you'll feel energized right after you drink some of the freshly squeezed lemonade I made for you!"

He took you by your shoulders and steered you to your kitchen. Pouring you a glass, he handed it to you and waited expectantly.

Taking the glass from him, you eyed him, "Okay, Hoseok. I know something's up. Just say it already, I won't get mad."

He laughed nervously.

"You promise?" he held out his pinky.

"Promise." You hooked your pinky with his, and you guys pressed your thumbs together.

He sighed and gazed at the floor.

"Okay, well the thing is..." his voice drifted off. You waited patiently for a moment, and then urged him once again to tell you.

Looking at you through his eyelashes, he suddenly whipped out his cell phone.


Hoseok started to laugh really loud and began waving his cell phone in front of your face.

You gasped.

Hoseok loved to take pictures of you. All kinds of pictures - most of them being embarrassing awkward poses that he managed to capture on your off days.

The one condition you had told him was to never, ever, take a picture of you sleeping. This was your number one rule.

And so of course Hoseok just had to.

Your eyes stared at the picture that was set as your Boyfriend's wallpaper.

Eyes closed, mouth open, it was hands down the most unattractive picture he had ever taken of you. Possibly the most unattractive picture taken of you, ever.

You took a deep breath in, "YAH!"

Hoseok's eyes widened, and he quickly clutched his phone to his chest.

"H-hey, remember you said that you wouldn't get mad?"

You narrowed your eyes.

"Hoseok!" you whined.

Laughing again, he gave you a mischievous smile.

"Okay, okay. So here's the deal. If you catch me in ten seconds, you can delete the picture."


But Hoseok was already running around the counter, laughing loudly.

"YAH!" You immediately began to follow him.

You watched as Hoseok suddenly stopped in front of you.

"Wait, be care-"

And that was the last thing you heard before you slipped on the wet floor and slipped into unconsciousness.


Your fingers twitched as you began to awaken. You felt slight pressure on your chest and you fluttered your eyes, opening them slowly.

Your breath caught as you noticed Hoseok's face was only an inch away from yours.

His lips were slightly pursed, and his eyes widened in his shock as he realized you had awakened.

He leaned back quickly.

"A-ahh you're awake?"

You slowly tried to push yourself into a sitting position, and Hoseok immediately grabbed your arms to help steady you. Looking up into his face you couldn't help but blurting out the first thing you were thinking.

"Were... were you trying to kiss me?"

Hoseok's cheeks tinged pink right away and he began to laugh.

You couldn't believe it.

"Wait, so I was unconscious on the floor, and instead of thinking to bring me to a hospital or something, you were going to kiss me?!"

Hoseok began to really laugh then.

"Ah, you're really cute, I can't!"

He held you in his arms and gave you a tight hug.

"You were so cute asleep though. Even better than the picture. I just wanted to kiss you once."

You blushed at his irrational explanation.

"I'll tell everyone about this if you don't delete that picture."

It was a wide stretch, threatening him with something as minor as this, but it seemed to have worked.

Chuckling he took his phone out and deleted the picture in front of you.


You nodded and rested your head on his chest.

Hoseok rubbed your head softly, and picked you up in his arms.

Carrying you to your bed he murmured, "You should rest."

You nodded your head slowly; rest seemed like a really good idea right now.

As you slowly fell asleep, you heard him quietly giggle.

"You know I could just take another one, right?"

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