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It was a rather gloomy morning and as soon as you stepped out of the house you knew you need a cup of coffee. It would've been the only way for you to make it through out your day. You had already had a bad start to your day, starting from when you first woke up as you landed on the cold and hard ground, to tripping down the stairs, to slipping just as you stepped outside of your house.

It was raining now as you were now standing in line waiting for the guy in front of you to order his drink, oh great, I forgot an umbrella. You told yourself. The guy before you was rather quiet and he seemed to be struggling to say what he wanted.

"I'm sorry, what ?" The worker asked inching in closer so she could hear him.

"He said he wanted 7 cups of ice coffee," you answered.

She glanced at you before looking at the male who nodded in reply.

"You're carrying 7 cups by yourself ?" The employee sent him a doubtful look in which he only blinked at her in reply.

He walked over to the other side waiting to pick up his order as you made your coffee order. By the time you were finished you walked behind him patiently waiting even though you wanted to scream to relieve your stress. Just then as you were playing with your phone the guy had clumsily picked up the 2 cup holders with a total of 7 cups and had cautiously turned around. Paying too much attention on the 7 drinks he didn't watch where he was going and he happened to run right into you spilling the 7cups of ice coffee all over you. You gasp from the coldness and the shock as you looked down at your now drenched outfit.

"Ohmigah," the employees shrieked as they all brought towels and mops to help clean up.

Suga gasped, "oh, my gosh, I-I'm so sorry."

When the though process got to your head you sighed and slumped on to a nearby chair.

"This day cannot be any worst," you mumbled as they called for your name.

You sighed and went to grab your coffee before making your way out of the café. When you stepped out a hand took your wrist.

"I'm sorry, let me help you wash your clothes," the male from before nodded down the street. "I live nearby; I can give you a change of clothes while I wash these."

His voice was kinda husky but it was soft and sincere, it was already bad enough that you were having a bad day you didn't want to be a burden on anyone else. You pulled away and bowed at him.

"Thank you for your kindness, but it's okay, I'll take a shower in the rain and just call in sick for work," you glanced at your watch. "I'm already an hour late anyways."

"No, please, it'll make me feel better," he whispered softly.

"B-but I ruined your 7 cups of coffee it was probably really important," you brought up.

He laughed showing that sweet dimpled smile, "not really..." he stated awkwardly causing you to laugh as you remembered he looked somewhat familiar to you. "It was only for a bunch of friends but they'll understand anyways." He flashed you a grin and motioned for you to go forward as he held an umbrella out for you and fixed his hood over his head trying to hide himself properly from the rain it seemed.

But you pushed the umbrella back over to him, "it's alright, I'm already soaked in iced coffee maybe the rain can help drain some of it out."

"But you might get sick," he informed concerned for your health.

You smiled and shook your head, "I'd rather be drenched in rain than coffee though..."

He thought about it before continuing to lead you to his place.

"I'm sorry, you never gave your name," you asked.

"Yoongi....Min Yoongi," he smiled.

You thought about it 7 cups for a bunch of friends "... Suga ?" You asked. "Bts Suga ?"

He smiled and put a finger to his lips, "it'll be our secret."

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