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You were trembling as you kneeled in front of your boyfriend's bed. Your cheeks were drenched with tears and you covered your mouth to hold in your sobs. Just then he turned in his sleep, furrowing his brows before opening his eyes. He saw the figure besides his bed weeping and he immediately knew who it was.

"Baby," Jin cooed and cupped your face as he threw himself on the ground to your level. "What happened ?" He questioned worriedly.

When you didn't answer he reached up and to turn on the lamp beside his bed but you grabbed his hand and stopped him.

"Don't," you breathed out in-between your sobs.

His face fell, "baby, let me see your face," he pleaded.

You shook your head, "andwae," you cried.

"Please," he begged, he wanted to see what he had done this time to your beautiful face.

"Ani, it's bad..." you admitted. "I look hideous."

Hearing your insecure confession he gave up and gently traced his thumbs over your eyelids, cheekbones, lips, and chin as his fingers danced over your nose and jaw-line. He knew your lovely features by heart and just tracing your face he knew what the damage was. Tears welled in his eyes but he refused to cry as he felt your swollen black (left) eye, your busted lip, and your bruised cheek bone. Carefully he moved in and kissed your trembling lips.

"He did this didn't he ?" Jin whispered softly as he pulled away and without your permission he flicked on the lamp.

You could only nod as you calmed from your sobs as his embrace.

"How could he touch you like this ? What kind of parent... baby you need to leave that place, come stay with me." Jin suggested.

You shook your head, "no, I can't do that. You live with BTS."

"But I have an apartment that is lonely when I'm not there," he frowned when you turned down his proposal.

"N-no, Jin, I-I can't leave mom," you said softly.

Jin softened at the mention of your mother. He met her many times and she was a sweetheart it surprised him as to why she was with a guy like your step-father who not only beat you but her as well.

"Bring mom too," he smiled.

You pulled from his hug and stared at him. Did he just call your mom, mom ?

"Mom too," he nodded. "Let me take care of you guys."

"But Jin, that's not right we're not even-"

"I'll marry you," he promised. "Just wait a while, when my career's set I won't hesitate to ask the big question. So just let me take care of you and mom."

You stared into his loving eyes as tears filled your eyes again and he chuckled wiping your tears away.

"Oh, sweetie, w-why," he stuttered worriedly before he chuckled. "Why are you crying ? Was it something I said ?"

You wiped your tears and nodded, "it was everything you said."

He gave you confused look causing you to laugh weakly, "how could I have gotten so lucky, to be with an amazing guy like you ?" You smiled as your right hand cupped the side of his face and your thumb gently brushed his cheeks.

He beamed and kissed your lips delicately afraid that he would hurt them anymore than they were already.

"I love you more than anything, and if your mom is something as important to you, she will always be important to me too."

"Jin, s-stop," you mumbled as your eyes averted to the ground.

"Stop what ?" He asked slightly lost.

"I don't want to be a burden to you, mom and I will stick it up for a few more-"

"No," Jin interrupted.

You looked up at him, shocked; Jin never went against your words... ever.

He shook his head, "no, I won't allow it."


"I said, no," Jin intensely stared at you, "you and mom deserve better and you know it."

"But it's not my choice, I've talked to mom about leaving him before and she just doesn't agree." You argued.

He's intense stare didn't change as he grabbed your hand and pulled you up off the ground.

"I'll convince her," he was determined to make your mother leave your jerk of a step-father so he could be the one to take care of you two.

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