J-hope (Requested)

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"Sweetie, I'm going to work now!" You tell him, buttoning your coat.

"Alright, I'll see you tonight!" He says, kissing your forehead.

Stepping down the stairs of the building, you get to the coffee shop you go every morning. Since you didn't want your boyfriend to suspect you going somewhere else, you went there just to get some coffee and leave as soon as it was 10 o' clock. The clock ticked in the coffee shop, the sound of your coffee brewing at the other side of the counter were the only things you could hear. There were a few people at a time like this.

"Here's your coffee, m'am. Have a nice day!" The young girl says.

You thank her and leave. You take a look around, making sure there was no sign of your boyfriend anywhere. You worked as a pole dancer in a club that was really known in the city. Each morning, you would go to the same coffee shop, acting like you worked there and leave as soon as possible. You were certain that your boyfriend would sometimes watch over you by the window of your apartment. Since he leaves to work at 9:40, you had to wait until he really left to get to your real job.

It's not that you didn't like your job, you honestly only worked for it for the money. If it wasn't for that, then you probably leave because all those single weird drunk old dudes kept scaring you. You worked pretty well and had the name 'Teddy' for your job. Each girl you worked with had nicknames similar to yours.

You collected money easily just like each day. Your boyfriend never suspected anything, he seemed pretty surprised that a simple coffee shop could make you win that much of cash.

You didn't really get any time to spend with your boyfriend but since the club you worked at was open every Sunday for 24 hours, compared to the other days, you had to get there early.

The music was playing endlessly in the room, the colors were targeting every corner of the dance floor and poles. You worked like usual until you heard a bunch of youngsters laughing near the entrance of the club. You looked up but couldn't see much due to the thousand of peoples in the room.

"Congrats to you guys to finally be in Bangtan Boys!" A voice said.

"Thanks, Jin!"

"Woah, look at those girls. That one over there looks pretty well compared to the others." You heard another voice say.

You got on the stage and look at the table that was surrounded by 7 young boys. One of them caught your attention. You couldn't really see him, even know there was light, it wasn't the clear light that showed you who he was. The boy stared at you, his eyes widened as seconds passed by.

"She looks like... Wait... Hoseok Hyuung, isn't that..?" Jungkook says.

The closer the boy walked to you, the more you got to see him. It was definitely hoseok. You looked around, the place was full. No one was asking for service, so you went off the stage and approached to him.

"What are you doing here?" He asked.

"What are YOU doing here? I thought you were working." You spat.

"I finished already, why are you here?"

"Then why didn't you go home directly?" You asked.

He looks up and sighs then looks at you.

"Could you at least go wear something less revealing? Your cleavage is getting in the way."

You let out a giggle. "I can't do that, it's my work uniform."

"Your what?!"

You look at him then think back at your words, realizing what you said. "You work here?" He questions you.

You breathe deeply. "Yes. I do work here."

"What about the cute shop you told me you worked at? The coffee shop? Did they fire you?"

"I never worked there since the beginning." You answer calmly.

He seemed shocked, the words didn't seem to make sense to him but they did. "Why are you working here? Why aren't you working somewhere more, I don't know, civilized?"

"I get paid for doing this. It's not that I enjoy it, but it's clearly the only thing I get to do that drains my energy but pays me very well."

He nods silently. He didn't have much to say after realizing that you worked as a pole dancer in a place like this. He cracks a tiny smile. "Wanna go meet my members?"

You smile and hold his hand, making your way to his table. 6 handsome men were sitting there, their eyes opened fully as soon as they saw you. "_____?! Is that really you?" Namjoon asks.

"Yep, why? Are you surprised?"

"Yeah, your boyfriend told us that you worked at a café." One of the boys you never met said.

"Ah... And you are...?" You raised an eyebrow at them.

"I'm Jungkook, he's Jin he's Suga ,hes Taehyung and lastly thats jimin."

"Oh~ nice to meet you." You said, greeting them.

You talked with them until it was 12 AM, the club closed. You got dressed and went to the car with your boyfriend and his friends. After he drove the boys to the dorm, you both went back to your apartment and got to your room.

"_____?" Your boyfriend asked.


"Since you work as a pole dancer, do I get special treatment since I'm your boyfriend?" He says, shyly.

You smile and turn to the entrance of the door, where he was standing.


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