Chapter 147 - Heroin Diaries

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"I am happy. I'm just feeling a lot right now" You said waving yourself down. "I really need an ice cream sundae. And I need it with fries. And I need strawberry lemonade.."

"No you don't" Nikki grimaced and you nodded. "I'm not doing that to you. That's against the laws of food."

"Please stop judging me. I'm craving so much food. Look if you can figure out this tour situation and how you're gonna keep clowns away from me, then I'll go" You said as you ran a hand through his wet hair.


Nikki stood in the doorway as he watched you sway in the mirror holding your bump as you sang Love Me Tender to it as it played on the record. You were glowing and you were beautiful. He didn't want to spend anymore time apart from you. On tour, recording albums, anything. He wanted you to be at his side.

"For my darlin, I love you and I always will.." You said staring down at your bump. You jumped as you felt it kick. "Nikki!"

Nikki came over as you grabbed his hand and placed it on your bump. Nothing happened and you sighed. You chewed your lip as you looked at Nikki. You manoeuvred you both nearer to the record player and turned the volume up. But nothing.

"Love me tender, love me true.." You sang along. You jumped when you felt a kick and Nikki laughed.

"Is this with any song or just the Elvis discography?" Nikki asked and you laughed saying you had no idea. He kissed your head as he held you tightly.

You had taken Gunner out for an early birthday celebration before watching him head off with a suitcase packed and a ticket to London. He was ready to go explore the world himself. You cried and cried as Nikki held you as you waved him off.

He had promised to call you everyday and that he would be back in time to see the baby born.

"Holy shit"

"Language" You reprimanded Izzy as you both stared at the huge bus with Motley Crue painted on the side. This was really gonna be something.

You walked up on the bus armed with your Elvis record. It was the only time the baby would kick. No other songs would do it. Just Elvis.

"Izzy you're in the room next to mine and your moms. Remember it's the first lot of rooms. If you go further up the bus you are definitely gonna see Uncle Tommy naked" Nikki mentioned and Izzy gagged.

"Okay, bye" Izzy said shutting herself in her room. You sighed, she was soo moody and hard to talk to. Nikki shrugged before taking you to your room.

The bus started driving as you walked around, it was nice to finally meet Vince's new wife. Though what she was doing with him, you didn't know. She was so nice, too nice to put up with his crap.

Nikki walked out with a huge grin as he handed you a pile of papers. The Heroin Diaries. You flicked through to see all the chapters, all the artwork, it completely..Finished.

"Oh my god" You laughed hugging him tightly. "You actually did it, you actually finished it?"

"It's gone to print" Nikki said still grinning. "I'm shaking. It's gone, no going back."

"I knew you'd be able to do it. My god, you're an author Nikki!" You said hugging him again. You were so proud of him, facing his fears and releasing them into the world. You hoped people took to it well, he had worked so hard on it for years.

Tommy overheard and came over, hugging Nikki and patting him on the back. Everyone knew the toll it had taken on him, but everyone was so proud.

"That's great man, hey can you tell your wife that I don't want to hear her throwing up in the bathroom at 2 in the morning?" Vince said approaching Nikki.

"Hi Vince, it's nice to see you as always" You rolled your eyes. "Also I can puke in your room next time if that's preferred?"

"One day you two will get along" Tommy said with a smile. Both you and Vince muttered under your breath, you didn't see that happening any time soon.

"Can we get one of the clowns in here? I think that would really cheer me up" Vince said with a smile. "Let's put one in her bedroom."

"No need, there's a clown right here already." You retorted and Nikki sniggered.

"Real mature" Vince scoffed as he walked back towards his room. You had seen Mick earlier with Izzy, helping her jam. It was like deja vu.

Every tour with Motley, when you just needed some time away while on the road, you would sit at the front of the bus with the driver. Just listening to the radio, away from the drama. You decided to sit with the coach driver and listen to the radio, propping your feet up on the seats.

Nikki peeped his head round the curtain that separated the driver and the rest of the bus, he noticed you asleep with your head against the window.

"Hey Alan" Nikki said quietly to the coach driver who gave him a nod. He lifted your legs and sat next to you, laying them back down.  He thanked all his lucky stars that you had chosen him again. Everything finally seemed to be going right.

He rubbed your legs as he read through the print of his book. Nothing could stop him now.

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