Chapter 57 - 40th

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As it seemed like Pamela wasn't going into labour anytime soon

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As it seemed like Pamela wasn't going into labour anytime soon. The guys agreed to play a one off show for Nikki's birthday. You had made all the arrangements you could think of with the boys. You had seen him eyeing a bass in Japan. It was a weird model and it was bright green, but he adored it. So you had brought it for him and had it shipped over.

"What is this?" Nikki smiled as he woke up to Izzy kissing his face. You handed him some pancakes with a smile.

"Happy 40th baby, damn your old" You sang as you kissed him. He shared his breakfast with Izzy as you sat at the bottom of the bed with some coffee.

"Izzy brought this for you especially" You said handing him a present.

"Thank you angel" He said to Izzy kissing her head as he let her rip it open. He pulled out the necklace from the box. It was some dog tags with his birthday engraved on and the other with Izzy's and Gunner's birthdays on.

"Aw I love it" He smirked putting them around his neck and kissing Izzy again. You picked Izzy up and placed her next to Nikki. You pulled the large box onto the bed and handed him a knife.

"Enjoy, and don't cut yourself opening the box" You smiled and he kissed you gently. He cut the wrapping off the box and opened it to see the bass bubble wrapped inside.

"You are the best, I swear" He mumbled as he pulled the bass out the packaging. "It's more beautiful than I fuckin remembered"

"He's gonna find it really fuckin weird that you're not gonna be side stage for Glitter" Tommy mentioned as he drummed his sticks on the table.

"It's the only time we can fit it in" Vince shrugged and you nodded.

"Just say I've probably gone to pee or something." You suggested.

You watched the first half of the show as agreed, Nikki was doing his thing. He had decided to dye some of his hair again now it was getting longer. You felt bad for missing Glitter considering he always dedicated it to you, but this was important.

Looking at yourself in the mirror, you swallowed hard. It had been a long time since you got your body out post pregnancy. But you didn't think you looked bad. But then again, there was a crowd of thousands of people who would be watching this.

"Give it up for Sixx, it's our brothers fuckin birthday" Tommy hyped the crowd as Nikki grabbed some beer and threw it over everyone.

"That's it? That's as crazy as you will fuckin go?" Nikki yelled at the crowd as they got louder. "That's more like it"

You watched Tommy give the nod to the security guards who grabbed Nikki and put him into the wheelchair behind him. You had picked Closer as your chosen song, it had not that long ago been released and Nikki despised it. But you loved it.

"Go go go" You said to the male stripper in police uniform. Nikki was gonna be pissed, you could see him getting annoyed at being strapped down already.

The guys just stood there and watched as he was being wheeled around. As he moaned about the straps, as soon as he saw the male stripper, he jumped up and ran backstage. Luckily through the other curtain.

"You big fuckin baby! Get out here!" Vince yelled after him.

"You gotta get out here, he's freaking out" Tommy called you. You rolled your eyes and walked to the other side of the stage, hearing all the cat calls and the whistles as you walked past the crowd. Even Vince was eyeing you up. You were in the shortest police costume imaginable. You pulled back the curtain, where you could hear him bitching about the male stripper. You grabbed Nikki by the shirt and ordered him to sit down. He looked at you shocked and let himself be wheeled out again on stage.

Vince and Tommy had been begging you to write 40 on your tits and flash them. But you weren't gonna flash the world your tits. Plus, you knew where Nikki would like much better.

"I heard that you've been really fuckin bad this tour so far" You said running your fake baton over his shoulders as he grinned at you. "I can think of some really really suitable punishments for you Sixx.."

"Give him a chance" Tommy pleaded and so did Vince with their hands together.

"Okay,.." You smiled as you turned back to Nikki. "If you get this wrong, I'm gonna think of some really nasty stuff to do to you.."

"Nikki,..How old are you?" You asked him and held the mic to him.

"23" He replied with a toothy smile.

"I don't think that's correct, I did have it written down somewhere.." You bent down and let your skirt ride up. The crowd went crazy to see 4 0 written on your ass as you wiggled it in the air. You turned back round with a smile to see Vince and Tommy clapping you.

"Happy birthday babe" You leant down kissing him. He nipped at your lip and kissed you again greedily. You gave him one last kiss before smashing a cake over his head.

He got out the restraints and chased you about on stage. You squealed as he caught up with you, pulling you to him and rubbing his face against your cheek, getting cake all over you. You giggled as he kissed you again, his tongue swiping the bits of cake on your lip.

"C'mon everybody,.." Vince cheered before everyone began to sing Happy Birthday.


"Tommy better not be in the freakin hot tub, I swear" Nikki laughed as he carried you into the room. You said goodnight to Amy as you held onto Nikki and she quickly took notice that she better go. As soon as the door shut, he began ripping off your very tiny Police uniform. You moaned as he ripped it off in one go. He unbuckled his pants and kicked off his boots. Stepping out of them, he silently slipped past Izzy asleep and opened the door to the hot tub.

You let the water warm up as you pulled down your skirt and your underwear. Nikki's hands firmly grabbed both 4 and 0 as he kissed you hungrily. You both got in the hot tub and you proceeded to wish him Happy Birthday in your own way.

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