Chapter 07 - SOS

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You had spent a while considering staying on the bus all night

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You had spent a while considering staying on the bus all night. But you were tired of giving a fuck. You knew this would happen, your defences were back up. No more of his bullshit, it was all words. You went into the studio and acted like nothing had happened. You listened to the album all the way through, you were impressed. You hadn't got Same Ol' Situation out your head all day.

Nikki was all over you the moment you came in. His demeanour was a lot more upbeat from when you saw him with Vince that's for sure. He was so touchy with you, and not even sexually. He would just wanna hold you, stroke your arm, rub your back with his thumb. He just wanted to be close to you. Every fibre of you loved it, but your head was winning this battle. You just needed to play it cool until you got back to the bus and then you were flying the fuck outta there.

"Hey, the studios free now if you wanted to jam?" Dylan nudged you. You could do with some kind of musical release. You nodded and followed him into the studio. He said he was a bassist and had learnt all your songs. Between Alice, Nikki and Dylan, you were sick of bassist drama. But right now you couldn't give a fuck. You leant towards one of the mics and called Tommy's name. He looked up from the glass as you waved him in. He walked in with his cool casual teenage like strut as you handed him some sticks.

"Right on" He smirked as he took them from you, he nodded in recognition to Dylan and gave you a 4 beat to come into.

You started the riff to Loverman on your new favourite guitar and kicked it into drive.

"Oh he's a male believer, calls you dickteaser. He's a real lover man" You sang into the mic as you preformed. You weren't Alice that's for sure, but you were feeling the song. You noticed Mick had ditched off his own album to take a seat in the studio as he tapped his foot, listening to your blues rock.

"He says he knows how to please her, stick your tongue between her, he's a class act. Thinks his girls thrilled, but she's after dollar bills. She fakes a noise for her real loverman" You smirked as Tommy really went for it, Dylan was pretty good too.

Vince was getting pissed off, you could see him yelling and pointing towards the room. You watched Nikki give him the finger and leave the room. He came into the studio instead and shot Dylan a look before diverting his attention to you.

"Truth be told, he lies in bed cold, lonely and poor. The word got round and the girls won't go down. He's a spoilt little brat, dirty hood rat, poor broke soul, got no hope, the used to be loverman" You finished staring at Vince through the window. You gave him a little wave before ending the song. You looked at the guys with a smile, adrenaline rushing through you as you shook hands with Dylan and fist bumped Tommy.

"That was awesome" Nikki clapped and you had to stop yourself shooting him a look. Mick stood up and pointed to the guitar you were holding.

"You need to get yourself that guitar, you play it better than your other one. And you stole one of my licks" He commented but you just stuck your tongue out at him before putting the guitar down.

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