Chapter 92 - Hollywood Ending.

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"Where are you going?" Nikki asked as he watched you pick up Izzy and a bag

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"Where are you going?" Nikki asked as he watched you pick up Izzy and a bag. He was frantic, he was panicking. But you couldn't look at him anymore.

"A hotel." You mentioned. "You can see Izzy after a few days. Don't use my house as a sex dungeon or a drug house."

"You can't go, we can talk about this" Nikki said as he watched you walk down the stairs. "Angel, please.."

"Don't you dare!" You said turning on the stairs. "You didn't want to talk before. You didn't give a shit about my feelings. Secret after secret, lie after lie."

"So what, that's it? You just take my kid and leave" Nikki asked as he ran past you to the door and stood in front of it. "I'm not letting you leave."

You watched Izzy reach for Nikki and you sighed. You didn't want to do this in front of her. You handed her to him.

"Take her in the living room" You mentioned, he eyed you, hurt.

"Do you want a divorce?" He asked as he put Izzy down. You looked at him and you lip wobbled

"I don't" You said shaking your head. "But I also wanted a husband who was willing to fight for me. And both times he slept with someone else, so.."

You let him take your bag from you and put it aside. Weak, you let him pull you to him as you cried and cried. He held you close.

"I'm here and I'm fighting for you to stay" He muttered sadly. "You mean the world to me. I was so afraid you would never come back. And you did, you came back for me.."

He looked hurt as he put his forehead against yours as he stroked your hair.

"You came back and I kept things from you. But baby, I have never cheated on you. I've never even looked at anyone else. I'd give up everything for you to stay" Nikki begged.

"You promised you wouldn't hurt me again" You sobbed. "So why do I feel this way?"

"She's trying to tear us apart." Nikki sighed as he wiped your tears away. "I hurt you because I was trying to do everything not to hurt you. And I fucked everything up."

"I need to not see you for a while" You whimpered as you went back up the stairs. You stopped to face him briefly. "I had every intention of coming back for you, regardless of Izzy.."

His heart broke as he watched you go back up the stairs and close the bedroom door.


You lay there for hours in the dark. It was like a full circle. You picked up the phone next to the bed and hit the number you had been staring at.

"Aw did she leave you again little Nikki?" You heard her answer.

"She's still here" You muttered tiredly. "Why did he call you angel?"

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