Chapter 96- Punched In The Teeth

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You sat in the studio, tapping your pen

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You sat in the studio, tapping your pen. You had been banned from giving any criticism. You just had to sit there and enjoy. Of course, you were whispering all your critiques to Nikki and he would make a 'suggestion'.

You had Hell in high heels stuck in your head all damn day. Vince was struggling, you guessed there would be a lot of post editing going on. But you had other things on your mind as you flicked through the newspaper. Coming back to Vancouver for Nikki to record this album just made you realise how much you missed this place.

"It's small, it's right by the pier." You mentioned showing Nikki the house in the paper as he sat on the stool with his bass. You could see people getting pissed off for interrupting Nikki, but he was sat there pissing about.

"We could go check it out tomorrow" Nikki said as you ran a hand through his hair. "It seems kinda small, you want a small place?"

"Yeah I do, when we come back here I feel so down to earth. It's nice to be away from the glitz and the glam. We spend so much on hotels when we come here" You shrugged and he nodded.

"Okay we'll check it out tomorrow. Izzy has a sharpie near Bob's sheets of paper" He stated looking at her through the window. You kept waving at Bob to turn around but he had his head down. Nikki picked up his bass and put his mouth by the pick up.

"Bob turn around" Nikki said. Bob looked around confused before turning around. Izzy had his notebook and was scribbling all over his notes for the album.

"Sixx come get your kid" He sighed rubbing his head.

"I love you" He said kissing your hand as you left him to record.


You had to say, you weren't a fan of the album. The guys complained they never got to write. So Nikki, let them write. And you thought half the songs were complete garbage. This wasn't Motley Crue. But you wouldn't dare say anything. It had some good songs.

"Put me on speakerphone we got a meeting" Lita ordered and you did as you were told. You turned the TV down and Nikki looked at you offended.

"The management team have decided that we would like the band to tour the states. We were hoping that we could promote the album, it's still very high in the charts." Samuel, Lita's band manager stated.

"What dates were you thinking Sam?" Nikki asked and you frowned telling him to shush. You cleared your throat and repeated Nikki's question.

"We want to start it from April through to August. It's not horribly long. We would of course accommodate the family if they wanted to come along."

"I'll need to talk to Nikki, make sure it doesn't coincide with the Crue album" You mentioned and Lita snorted.

"No offence babe. I love the Sixxter. But this is your time now. Let him ride your coat tails for a while" She said and you scratched your head.

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