Chapter 98 - Girls, Girls, Girls.

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A/N: Out of all the gifs, the looks

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A/N: Out of all the gifs, the looks. This is the one. Hot damn. Had to share..Sorry.

"I don't understand why I have to have a room next to them" Sheree moaned as she threw her stuff on the bus. "What's worse sex groans or baby crying?"

"Oh Izzy sleeps through" You smirked at Sheree as you shoved your stuff in the room. She groaned and went in her room, shutting the door. Further up the bus was Lita and Rach's little rooms.

"You guys don't fuck around" Nikki smirked as he looked around the bus.

"Your famous husband could have donated to the tour bus fund" Rach mentioned.

"No way, everything earnt is from us." You said sternly. Your independence had not and would not change. You contributed your own money, you would work for your own lifestyle and that was it.

"Has he seen the outside of the equipment bus?" Lita laughed and you shook your head, telling her to shut up. You both watched as the similar black tourbus took off driving. One side had the band logo on and the back had F%cK MoTLeY CrUe spray painted on it in bright red

"He's gonna kill me" You chuckled as it drove ahead. You went through the cupboards, there was so much sweet stuff that you all requested.

"Holy shit there's reheatable lasagne" You celebrated. "That's when you know you've hit the big time."

"We have an issue" Nikki yelled from the bedroom. You walked to the back of the bus to see him pointing to the single bed in the room.

"It was the only way to fit in a crib for Izzy." You mentioned and he rubbed the bridge of his nose.
You wrapped your arms around him with a grin.

"You were without me for so long, now we can be extra close" You joked and he looked genuinely sad.

"We aren't both gonna fit" He said lying down. You squished against the wall and cuddled up to him with a smile. "You wiggle."

"Okay,.." You said wiggling and turning. You heard him yelp as he fell off the side of the bed onto the floor. He rubbed his back and glared at you.

"I'm getting you a different bus" He hissed as he stood up.

"Babe no, this is the best our budget can do. We wanted pyro" You mentioned as he took out his phone. "Nikki.."

"Just let me get a better bus, you cannot spend months on that bed" He mentioned and you shook your head.

"C'mon, we aren't about expensive shit like Crue. This suits us just fine. Put your money away" You ordered. He hung up his phone and put it back in his pocket.

"As soon as you get paid from your first lot of shows, we're sorting this out" He warned and you smiled.

"I can sleep on the sofa out there and you can have the bed."

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