Chapter 97 - Sweet Home Vancouver.

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—You had Allen on the phone to you and Nikki everyday, discussing the Heroin Diaries and it's progress

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You had Allen on the phone to you and Nikki everyday, discussing the Heroin Diaries and it's progress. He was Nikki's personal manager. Nikki would have these really long phone conversations with Allen and Ian. Nikki had stated that it was gonna be a long time until he felt the book could be published. It needed to be perfect. He needed to go through every anecdote, every word, every quote to make sure it all made sense. They hadn't even touched a quarter of the first diary yet.

He had also agreed to meet up with some of his buddies to discuss a side project called Brides of Destruction. You were listening to some of his records on an old player you found in a flee market in Vancouver. You had brought the little three bedroom house. It had a power jet bath which made up for lack of jacuzzi.

He walked into the near empty house to see you painting as you danced around. All you could find was the records Bob had. Which he genuinely brought to study the bands he was producing. So here you had Shout at the devil, an old Bon Jovi record and some of Lita's work. And a Metallica album.

"You don't know the words" Nikki scoffed making you jump. He shook his head and you glared at him.

"Well I don't know the track listing either so shoot me. I like this song, but no unfortunately Motley Crue are not as high up on my priority lyric learning as Bon Jovi" You mumbled with a sweet smile. "I know it's called ten seconds to love."

"Some wife you are" He teased as he held onto the step ladder you were on. "How's the tour arrangements?"

"Not as stressful as Motley Crue" You joked. "No specifics really. A couple of dates in some clubs, some arenas. It's good."

"Good, some of my pals are joining us when we hit California again, if that's cool?" He asked as you painted.

"Yeah no problem, this isn't gonna be some frat party bus tour is it?" You mumbled as you frowned concentrating.

"It'll be whatever you want it to be" He smirked as he went through the records. He grabbed one of Izzy's markers and drew on the front of the Bon Jovi cover with a grin.

"Such an ass." You scoffed as you climbed down. "I think I have a Damn Yankee's record around here."

"God Why are you doing this to me" He moaned wrapping his arms around you. "My wife has the worst taste in music."

"That's so rude. I'm just not as narrow minded as you. I listen to nearly everything" You stuck Your tongue out at him. "It makes you a good musician, you should try it sometime."

"Wow" He scoffed and slapped you on the ass. "Who's in the multimillion dollar band?"

"Nearly me" You laughed running up the stairs away from him. "You have paint on those jeans. Pure accident."

"The thing about small houses, is that there's nowhere for you to hide" Nikki called up the stairs before he started following you.


"I don't understand why she can't have a black bedroom" Nikki mentioned as Izzy cried in the DIY store. She was screaming because you refused to let your three year old have such a depressing colour in her room.

"Our daughter is not being doom and gloom" You mentioned as you went through the colour samples. "What about this pink? It's like your barbie?"

"No!" She rubbed her eyes as she clinged to Nikki.

"Daddy's other favourite colour is pink" You mentioned. Izzy looked at Nikki who nodded with a fake smile.

"I think it's a great colour. If daddy could have the entire house pink I would" He lied through gritted teeth as he stared at you with a glare.

"Fine" She sniffled taking hold of the pink samples. "I want Kevin to choose too."

"Who's Kevin?" Nikki asked with a frown and you shrugged.

"Barbies boyfriend!" Izzy yelled at Nikki as she huffed at him.

"I thought his name was Ken?" Nikki asked and Izzy huffed again. You chuckled as you walked along the aisle, letting Nikki deal with the Kevin debacle.

"Why don't you tell daddy about your friend Tommy?" You smirked.

"He's my boyfriend" She smiled and Nikki narrowed his eyes.

"Any boys called Tommy are not allowed to be your boyfriend, period." Nikki instructed and Izzy shook her head.

"He is already my boyfriend" Izzy ordered putting her hand over his mouth as he went to talk. "Shush."


"Give me the song" You huffed as you climbed onto Nikki as he read a book. "I won't take no for an answer."

"No" He smirked as you ran a hand through his hair.

"I like this length. Keep it at this length." You instructed. "It's sexy."

"Sweet talking me is gonna get you nowhere" He ignored you as he turned the page of his book.  He let you take the book from his hands and you put it to the side. You took his hands in your own as he looked up at you.

"You're beautiful" He murmured and you chuckled.  He sat up and wrapped his arms around you. You held him close as you both sat there in silence, just enjoying holding each other.

"Your friend really doesn't like me" You broke the silence with a chuckle. "What's her deal?"

"Her deal?" Nikki smirked as he sat back and took your hands. "I rejected her. She wasn't happy about it. I guess she's jealous."

"You rejected her? Ooo, tell me everything" You lay next to him and rested your head on his stomach.

"You're such a woman" Nikki rolled his eyes and you snorted.

"Thanks for noticing" You grinned. "Tell me."

"You're gonna be pissed and you'll get all bitchy with her" Nikki moaned as he pulled you up so he could kiss you.

"I'm already bitchy with her. She keeps insulting me" You murmured as you kissed him again. ""

"When she first joined, we said we'd all hang out. Whatever. Anyway she got stupid drunk. I mean putting drunky to shame drunk." Nikki smirked as you gasped. "And she was trying to get to go back to hers, wanted to show me a 'good time'."

"Did you say you had a wife who would fuck her up?" You asked and Nikki laughed heartily and patted your head.

"So this is Scrappy Doo?" He asked and you grumbled, saying Lita should have never called you that. "I said I wasn't interested. Got a very hot wife, she would probably kick her ass. That's the story."

"God I bet it was awkward after that. Tell me it was awkward" You smirked and he nodded.

"Yeah, she got used to it when you started coming round though. And that's it. She didn't push her luck though. She didn't cause shit or bitch at me." He shrugged.

"Well that's..Nice?" You laughed "Are you excited to come on tour?"

"It'll be fuckin weird" He smirked as he rubbed your back. "It'll be nice to share my spotlight."

"You're such a dick" You said poking him in the ribs and he laughed.

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