Chapter 113 - Violated

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Warning: This chapter may contain some triggers

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Warning: This chapter may contain some triggers. It also may explain to you the reason why I haven't been around much recently. You can skip to the next chapter if you wish.

San Francisco was beautiful. You weren't sure why you didn't visit your California neighbour that often. The inside of the studio however, not so perfect.

Petty bullshit arguments, everyone.

"Look let Jason just play his fucking part" You argued with Lars as he bickered with Jason.

"But it's not what we rehearsed. There was no bass intro for that song" Lars frowned as he sat back.

"It's called being dynamic Lars" Bob sighed rubbing his forehead. "Anyone else have an issue with Jason doing the intro?"

"I think it's a good idea" Kirk piped up. You looked at James sat in the corner with his beer.

"I don't give a shit" Was all he said throughout the sessions.

Jason's recordings went smoothly. As did James' vocals and Kirk's guitar overdubs. But Lars and his fucking drums.

"We don't need to over dub it Lars. If it sounds dull, we can shift it in the mix" Bob sighed and you agreed.

"Just let me fuckin re-record there's a drum set right there man"

"Nobody wants to have to be here longer than they need to be. Your drum takes last around 4 hours at a time" You said and he rolled his eyes.

"We have one more song for overdubs and then we can all get the fuck outta here" Bob said agitated.

"And it's the most frustrating one" You sighed as you rolled the tape for Unforgiven II. You enjoyed the first one to a point, and then so many guitar tracks became more and more tedious to mix.

"I really like the vocal on this one" You mentioned as you sat back and listened to it. "How many guitar tracks?"

"Four. Two electric, one acoustic, one overdub" Bob mentioned and you cringed. "This is what made you drink right?"

"Right, you're so right. How does anyone deal with this band sober?" You groaned. Bob called for a break as they all went outside. You picked up the guitar next to you, trying to figure out some chords for the songs overdub.

"Hey" You turned to see Jason sat next to you. You smiled and returned his hey. "Thanks for sticking up for me earlier."

"It's no problem. Those guys dick you around, hazing you should have stopped years ago." You mentioned. He had a cute smile, he was very quiet but loud when he needed to be. You enjoyed recording with him the most previously, he was funny and easier to work with.

"Weird question" He cleared his throat. "Would you wanna come watch Motley with us? I know you'll be there anyway. It's stupid"

"It depends on Lars. If he's being an asshole, there's only so long I can stay patient now I'm sober" You laughed.

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