Chapter 02 - No Apologies

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You had not been able to get that man out of your head all damn day

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You had not been able to get that man out of your head all damn day. You played a killer set with even getting some compliments from some of the guys in the back.

You were walking backstage with a towel around you neck as you smiled to the roadies you knew.
"Great set" You heard someone speak softly, you turned around with a smile for the person, until it dropped.

He was ready to go on stage, his partially torn Motley shirt he always rocked, his hair all fucked up at the back and his smile on display for you yet again. You grabbed a water from the cooler he was stood against and ignored him, walking up the corridor.

"That's really rude" He called down the corridor. He smirked as you kindly stuck your middle finger up at him as you walked away.

"It's the first night of the tour. One of the two wildest parties we are gonna have" Alice moaned, shoving you gently. "C'mon, party with us"

" I will okay? For a little while. But if any of those narcissistic pricks come up to me, we may be getting kicked off the tour.." You stayed as you dried your hair from your shower.

" I think Tommy is hosting the party.." Rachel murmured as you glared at her.

"Cmon, there will be so many people you won't even notice them" Alice said strapping her heels and she stood up, brushing herself down. "Think of all the guys"

"I'm thinking of all the alcohol" You chuckled as you picked out an outfit.

It didn't take you too long to get ready. You decided on a simple black dress and a leather jacket. All three of you headed to the penthouse party of the hotel.

Music was booming, every second you heard someone dropping a glass or falling into something. You didn't recognise a single soul, and that was fine by you. The three of you disbanded as you went to find the fine whiskey. You huffed as you kept getting knocked by drunken couples trying to sex it up on the booze table. You really needed to get on their level.

After downing your first four drinks, you made a stronger fifth and went into the balcony. You shut the glass door behind you as you leant over the side, watching the glow of the pool against the night.

"It's rude to not say hello when you walk into someone else's domain" A familiar voice spoke, making you jump and nearly releasing your drink off the side. You glanced along the far side of the balcony where Nikki sat on a patio chair in total darkness.

"Well you could have coughed or something to make your presence known, then I would have walked straight back in there" You raised your cup to him "See ya"

You went to open the door but his hand grabbed the handle. You raised an eyebrow to his smirk in the darkness.

"Come sit with me for a while. I don't bite"

"Not what I've heard" You scoffed, thinking about what Lita would say at this very moment. You took a seat next to him, in the darkness as you drank your drink in silence.

Without a word, you felt your cup fill back up as he emptied the remains of his Jack into it.

"You played a good set today, I'm impressed" He finally spoke. You grunted as you took another sip of your drink. You heard him chuckle as he leant back in his chair. You could make out his brown eyes staring at yours and his tanned chest peeping through his half buttoned shirt. Nikki Sixx was not a man to be trusted.

"You don't believe me, I get it. But you don't need to ignore me" He said giving your arm a nudge.

"I know who you think you are Sixx. But I'm not buying what you're selling" You said with a sweet smile of your own. "Thanks for the drink, Mr doom and gloom."

You stood up and watched the handle, waiting for him to let go.

"I'm 100 percent real doll. You'll see" He shot one last smile before letting go of the door.


After nursing a hangover, you got onboard your flight. Alice had a wild time with a member of the Scorpions. Rachel has set her claws into Tommy and you, you went back to the hotel and drank yourself silly.

Sunglasses were on, you were relaxing in the chair, trying to ignore the world. Majority of the bands had their own planes, or took their own routes to the next gig. So what you couldn't understand was why you were sharing a plane with Motley Crüe. Especially when they were being so freaking loud. You were a whole class away, with fake walls separating the two bands, but you could still hear them.

"Excuse me miss?" You took your sunglasses off as the air hostess handed you a piece of paper. "I've been asked to give this to you"

You eyed it as did Alice who was sat next to you. You unfolded it and sighed.

"Who's the admirer?" Alice asked taking the paper off you. "Come over and stop being so miserable. Let's call it quits over a bottle of Jack. Mr Doom and Gloom..Who is this from?"

"Nikki Sixx" You moaned "He's trying to get under my skin because I keep ignoring him"

"And under your clothes by the sound of it" Alice chuckles. "He is fucking hot though, you need to get on that"

"If one more person tells me to fuck Nikki Sixx, I'm gonna throw myself off this plane" You said exasperated.

"I don't know which one sounds more appealing.." There he was again with his smug voice behind you. "Just wanted to make sure you got my note."

"Read and received. Goodbye Sixx" You huffed, pitting your sunglasses back on as you folded your arms. "Aren't you married to some porn star anyway?"

"Yeah, but why should she get to fuck whoever she wants?" He chuckled.

"Urgh, what a pig. I will never, ever, be on you, under you, on top of you or against you in any sexual manner. So pursue someone who gives a shit" You cussed, knowing you were lying to yourself. All you wanted in the past 48 hours was to be on top of him. But you had too much self respect and you were way too stubborn.

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