Chapter 27 - Locklear.

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Sex came naturally between you and Nikki

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Sex came naturally between you and Nikki. All the time, everyday at least three times a day. Shower, bedroom, garden, pool, band room, kitchen, on his bike, on a plane, on a bus. It was, a lot.

Neither of you had any complaints about each other and it was really damn good.

But sex had implications. Implications that led you sitting on the bathroom floor holding a stick.

"This is not a good time" You whispered to yourself as you kept an eye on the bathroom handle. You didn't wanna tell Nikki if it wasn't something.

He already had Gunner and you weren't sure if you even wanted your own child. You were just getting your foot in the door.

You had peed on two other sticks already, both of them throwing up a worrying sign. The next one stayed on Negative and you sat back with a sigh. Well which one was it?

You threw them deep into the trash and paced your bedroom. Iggy had found you and was laying belly up, looking at you for attention.

"I look after you okay, don't I pup?" You asked rubbing his belly. But he had no sufficient response for you. You took the phone from your bedside and called your doctor. Earliest appointment wasn't until next week. It was typical.

The thought of you and Nikki having kids didn't terrify you. You were both stable..for the most part. But he had hit his fame and you couldn't let yourself think of you not achieving your own fame as a result of raising a child. You were too selfish right now.

The kids topic was never brought up. You were planning your wedding which wasn't far away, you had set a date. You had shit to do.

You heard the door shut and Nikki's light jog up the stairs. He found you in his room, just hugging a cushion as you listened to some records.

"Hey, How was your day?" You asked as he took his jacket off, he kissed you quickly before sitting next to you with a groan.

"Good, bad, ugly.." Nikki smirked at you. "Vince is being a diva. He hates our songs. The new one we're starting he thinks is too heavy. We're all getting pissed off"

Nikki lay back and rested his head on your lap as you stroked his hair.

"I like the new one you're starting. It is heavy, but in a good way." You stroked his hair as he hummed at your touch.

"What did you do today? He asked closing his eyes.

"I played with Iggy. Made some calls, Bob Rock wants me to go to Vancouver. Metallica's on their last song and he wants some input. I said I hadn't decided yet" You explained.

"Metallica are getting bigger and bigger. They are gonna run us outta town. I can feel it" Nikki sighed. "We're trying to compete against the scene instead of with it. And that's not working for us right now."

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