Chapter 53 - Pink

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Your house was crazy

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Your house was crazy. Literally crazy. Nikki had gone way overboard with the pink decorations, and the cake and streamers. There was a bouncy castle outside reserved for just Gunner, Izzy and the dogs. You weren't sure that Nikki was aware that there were no other kids at this party.

You were wrong, there seemed to be so many more people invited who brought their kids round. They had known Nikki from various tours, albums, whatever.

"It's like a Unicorn exploded in this place" Lita said joining you in the kitchen. She handed you a full bottle of vodka. "Happy birthday to the kid"

"Am I saving this until she's 21 or something?" You chuckled as Lita grabbed two glasses and poured you both a drink. She grabbed some juice from the fridge and mixed it. "Now we're classy"

"I missed you, are you back permanently?" You asked as you drank your drink. You cringed at the kids screaming and giggling in the garden on the bouncy castle.

"I am, me and John figured out that we weren't heading anywhere and called it quits. So I'm back home" She smiled. "So who's single and who isn't?"

"I have no idea who half these people even are" You chuckled. "But feel free to try and get laid at my one year old daughters birthday party."

"Single dads,..Helloo" Lita nudged you.

"Single dads come with children" You sang as Lita grimaced.

You watched as 6 year old Gunner held his sister's hand round the garden, protecting her from being knocked over by the crazier kids running around. You smiled, he was a great kid.

Walking around you bumped into Jon and gave him a massive hug which he returned.

"It's so good to see you, I've missed you. " He mumbled as he patted you on the back. "Bobs not the same without you. I think he misses you too"

"I miss him, I need to visit but it's just been so busy with..well all of this" You laughed looking around at the craziness.

"Well if you're ever in Jersey, you can always stop by"

You were in depth with your conversation with Jon when you spotted the familiar older woman wondering around the room. You excused yourself and headed over to her.

"Deana?" You quizzed and she turned around, smiling at you.

"I remember you, you were here before right?" Deana asked and you nodded. "That was a long time ago"

"It was, and it didn't end very well last time" You stated swallowing hard. "We aren't going to do that today."

"We won't. Have you seen Frankie?" Deana asked and you sighed, this was clearly already not a good start. You peered over the crowds of people and called Nikki's name. You finally found him and brought Deana to him. You really hoped this would go okay.

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