Chapter 05 - Play/Pause/Record

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Initially you were confused, 30 seconds of terror when you felt a body pressed against you as the arm embraced you to him

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Initially you were confused, 30 seconds of terror when you felt a body pressed against you as the arm embraced you to him. You weren't used to this. A soft kiss to your bare shoulder broke you out of your panic. You snuggled into the arm holding you, you could get used to it.

"Not running away screaming?" A voice asked sleepily. You turned over to face him. His black hair was everywhere, one eye peeled open as he smirked at you.

"I own my mistakes" You replied with your own smile. His smirk grew wider as he closed his eyes for a moment as he stretched. You sat up and rubbed your eyes, your head did not feel so good. You went to stand up and hissed, there were other parts of you that felt bruised too.

"How many times did we.." You trailed off as you looked in the mirror. A massive hickey between your collarbone and your neck sat there for all to see. "This isn't even funny."

"You asked me to" Nikki said holding his hands up. "You should see my back. Damage has been done"

"Shit.." You knew there would be questions. You weren't sure where Nikki stood with you two being well..Whatever you were, publicly.

"So people see it, who cares" Nikki shrugged as he got out of bed. You stared at him, you remembered why you ended up with this hickey in the first place.

"Everyone's gonna be quizzing me. I have an interview later. No amount of make up is gonna cover this and it's too hot for a scarf" You rambled as you pulled your clothes on. You grabbed his T-shirt and threw that back on. "I'm keeping this"

"Tell them that you had a wild night that you'll never forget. Tell them to wait for your autobiography to read all the nasty details" Nikki chuckled.

"Sure my sweet night with Richie Sambora. Maybe Anthony Kiedis" You contemplated. You watched in the mirror as he stalked behind you, wrapping his arms around you. He moved your hair to the side and kissed your neck gently. You hummed comfortably until you felt him tug at your skin.

"No fucking way!" You squealed trying to move away from him. "I've already got one hickey issue!"

"Just trying to spell Sixx" He smirked, pulling you to him again. You play fought against his grasp until he picked you up and pulled you back onto the bed.


"You realise our interview is in 10 minutes. I've been looking for you everywhere!" Alice mumbled as she tried to keep up with you speedwalking to the interview area. "Where were you?"

"Lita took my stuff back with her, I had to find somewhere to stay. No big deal" You said quickly, adjusting the silk scarf around your neck. If Vince Neil could pull it off so could you.

You walked into the area, Lita was stood against the wall smoking, staring at you with a smile. You shuffled uncomfortably, so Nikki definitely told her.

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