Chapter 24 - On With The Show

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It was hard, you watched as John had to break Nikki first to try and repiece him

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It was hard, you watched as John had to break Nikki first to try and repiece him. You had left them to it, kinda afraid for John. But John was an ex-vet and he had done this with Nikki before.

All you had been told to do was check every nook around the house for drugs. All his clothes, all his boots, socks, everything.

You had found Nikki's emergency stash hidden in so many places you wouldn't think of. Including taped to the back of the toilet. Then he told you to pack Nikki a case.

"I'm not gonna force him to go, but by the time I've finished with him, he will want to go" The only words John left you with.

You packed Nikki's stuff and put in his notebook, his camera and the photo you had given him for Christmas. You chewed your lip, you had spent way too long crying over everything. This was a good thing. You grabbed your notebook and started scribbling. You pulled the paper out and put it in his case. You zipped it up and pulled it down the stairs and sat there, waiting for John and Nikki.

By the time they had finished talking it was early, really early. But you sat there, you wouldn't miss saying bye to him. He walked out that room someone else entirely. He looked, broken. He looked upset, he looked guilty. John took the case from you and looked at Nikki.

"You ready?" John asked and Nikki nodded. Nikki squeezes your hand without a word and followed John outside and closed the door behind him.


It had been a couple of months and you had thrown yourself head first into your work. You travelled to record some songs with Lita and some songs with Poison. You were making a name for yourself, but you weren't happy about it.

Visitation didn't begin until Nikki stopped putting up such a fight which took a long time. You weren't even sure if he wanted to see you. Tommy had gone to see him a lot. Mick had came to see you a lot.

"We've been contacted by a charity. They want to do a fundraiser for people who need support when they leave rehab. They want us to perform" Mick explained as you guys waited for Tommy to come back from his visit.

"You should do it, I think it's a good reason to play a gig" You explained. Mick nodded silently.

"Vince won't go acoustic. Sharise is trying to get pregnant and he wants to be with her. But we want to play a couple of songs, Songs for Sixx" Mick explained. "Will you sing for us?"

You nodded and chewed your lip as you discussed songs. You shook your head at Mick's choices.

"I'm not doing girls or some sex songs. We need to do something that means something to him" You sighed and ran a hand through your hair. You stood up and paced.

"Frankie was fast, too fast to know that he wouldn't go slow until his lethal dose." You murmured and looked at Mick.

"I've never tried it acoustic, it might not sound good" Mick said reaching for Nikki's guitar.

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