Chapter 94 - Haunt Me.

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"You know you're single right?" Lita said as you sat at the bar watching a local band

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"You know you're single right?" Lita said as you sat at the bar watching a local band.

"Well no I'm married" You frowned as Lita pointed out a guy staring at you from the across the bar.

"Actually you're separated. Maybe it's time to let loose a little. You've been with Sixx for so long and he's still had a better time fucking people than you" Lita pointed out and you sighed.

"Yeah but I dont do revenge cheating. He didn't even cheat on me" You drank your drink. "Plus I don't even want to fuck anyone else. They are all bad compared to him."

"How can you say that, you aren't even trying" Lita mentioned as she pulled you to the floor.

"You had sex with Nikki and you can't even find a comparison" You snorted as she started dancing to the song.

"Not true, Richie's pretty good. Plus look, we're big deals again. We can have our pick. That guy, that band, the bartender.." Lita pointed out and you shook your head. "What about if I called Vedder?"

"No! Stop it!" You blushed laughing into your glass. "Bad influence."

"I'm calling him, I'm gonna fly his ass over here right now. He can serenade you and fuck you gently" Lita said pulling out her phone.

"Lita! I said no, come on you're making it difficult for me" You moaned. "I'm just here to have some fun. And not sexual fun."

She pouted and put her phone away and just shrugged. Bumping you into any guy she could. A guy caught you as Lita pushed you and you cringed.

"I am so sorry, my friend thinks she's hilarious" You mentioned.

"Holy shit, I know who you guys are" He looked at you shocked. "I can't believe you hang out here."

"Yeah we're kinda normal people" You laughed. "Sorry..Again."

"You have any friends dude? We're looking to party" Lita smiled. He pointed to the group of guys behind him. They must have all been mid 20s. Typical metal looking dudes.

"Come join us" He smirked as he introduced you both to his friends.

"Turn it off!" Lita moaned as Girls started playing after the band had finished. They had put the projector on the wall so people could watch the music videos as they danced. She looked at you with your head on the table. "You upset?"

"No I'm fucking horny" You kicked the table drunk. "Fuck this fucking music video."

You walked up to the wall as Nikki started gesturing to the camera and hit the wall.

"You stupid idiot. With your come here gesture" You yelled at the wall. "And your sexy fucking hair. Stop cutting your hair, dumbass!"

"We're gonna have to cut her off" The bartender stated to Lita as she tried to pull you away from the wall.

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