Chapter 80 - The Diaries

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You lay in bed awake, it was pretty early

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You lay in bed awake, it was pretty early. Nikki and Izzy were still asleep. You rested your chin on Nikki's stomach as he slept. It had been an emotional week, but you weren't ill anymore. You could eat, you weren't puking.

"Mm c'mere" Nikki groaned breaking you from your thoughts. You let him pull you up him and he kissed you tiredly. "Morning angel."

"Good morning" You said brightly, running a hand through his hair. "I noticed a box of red dye in our bathroom and I know it's not mine."

"Yeah I'm gonna go all over" He said with his eyes still closed as his hand rubbed your ass. You felt him pressing against you with urgency.

"All over?" You cringed. "Why do you keep ruining your hair?"

"It'll be cool" He murmured as he kissed up your neck, his hands becoming a lot more grabby.

"Wait, wait" You said trying to free yourself from his grasp. "As your wife and as someone with sight, I want to tell you it's a bad idea."

"Well as your husband, I say let me fuck you" You heard him growl deeply as he tried to pull you back to him.

"I can say that if you dye your hair bright red all over, we won't be fucking for a long time" You huffed.

"Well let me enjoy you one last time then" He grinned as he pulled you ontop of him.



"Her cussing hasn't decreased" Izzy's teacher stated looking at you both. "She's very smart, but she has a major discipline issue."

"We are working on the discipline, aren't we?" You said elbowing Nikki.

"Look she's my little girl. She isn't naughty very often and when she is she makes me feel guilty if I try and punish her" Nikki explained and you rolled your eyes.

"Unless you tighten the reigns, you are going to have a bigger problem as she grows. Having two parents who aren't on the same page is going to be detrimental" She explained and handed you both a folder.

You opened it and pulled out some guides to discipline and a behaviour reward chart.

"Only children generally have attitude issues. And are quite arrogant. I know Izzy has a brother but in the house she is generally the focus of attention. You need to maintain her contact with other siblings or children of a similar age."

"Her birthday is coming up soon, maybe we could invite the kids from her class" Nikki mentioned and you nodded.

"Now we do need to take her out for a while in a few months. But we do have a sitter coming with us who is training to be a teacher so there should be no issue with her progress" You mentioned and the teacher agreed.

You and Nikki left the building feeling like scolded children. You drove him to the studios where the guys were rehearsing.

"You wanna come in?" He asked but you shook your head.

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